Evony Best Siege General Combinations: Unleash Ultimate Devastation

The best siege general combinations in Evony are Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc. Genghis Khan provides strong attack boost while Joan of Arc offers defense and support abilities, making them a powerful duo for sieges.

In the world of Evony, having a well-rounded and effective siege general combination is crucial for success. One of the most effective combinations is Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc. Genghis Khan, known for his fearless leadership and military prowess, provides a substantial attack boost to your troops.

His ability to inspire and motivate your army gives them the strength they need to overpower your enemies. On the other hand, Joan of Arc, revered for her strategic genius and defensive capabilities, ensures that your troops are well protected during sieges. Her defensive skills and support abilities bolster the resilience of your forces, making them difficult to defeat. Together, Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc form an unstoppable team that dominates the battlefield and ensures victory in sieges.

Understanding The Importance Of General Combinations

When it comes to conquering enemy cities and emerging victoriously in the game Evony, there is no doubt that having a strong and well-thought-out general combination is paramount. In fact, the impact of general combinations on siege outcomes cannot be overstated, as they have the power to make or break your chances of achieving ultimate devastation. This article will delve into the importance of choosing the right combination and how it can lead to unprecedented success. Furthermore, we will explore the role of synergy and complementary skills in maximizing effectiveness, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to dominate the battlefield.

The impact of general combinations on siege outcomes

Choosing the right general combination can have a profound impact on the outcome of your sieges. Whether you’re attacking or defending, having a well-balanced team of generals can make all the difference. A strategic and synergistic combination can tip the scales in your favor, allowing you to overpower your opponent and emerge victorious.

Consider this scenario: You’re attacking a heavily fortified city, and your opponent has a formidable defense. However, by selecting general combinations that excel in different areas, such as offense, defense, and support, you can exploit weaknesses and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. This versatility and adaptability can turn the tide of battle in your favor, giving you the upper hand and increasing your chances of success.

How choosing the right combination can lead to ultimate devastation

Choosing the right combination of generals is not just about having a diverse array of skills but also about leveraging their strengths to unleash ultimate devastation on your enemies. Each general brings unique abilities and talents to the table, such as high attack power, defense prowess, or powerful support skills.

By carefully selecting generals who complement each other’s strengths, you can create a devastating force that is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, pairing a general with high attack power with another who excels in defense can create a lethal combination that demolishes enemy defenses while enduring their onslaught. The key to achieving ultimate devastation lies in identifying the specific strengths and weaknesses of each general and capitalizing on them through strategic combinations.

The role of synergy and complementary skills in maximizing effectiveness

Maximizing the effectiveness of your general combinations requires more than just randomly selecting powerful individuals. It entails understanding the concept of synergy and ensuring that the skills of your generals complement each other.

Synergy is the result of a harmonious interaction between different components, in this case, your generals. It occurs when their skills and abilities work together, reinforcing each other’s impact. By building a team with generals who have complementary skills, you can create a synergistic combination that enhances their overall effectiveness.

For instance, pairing a general with strong offensive abilities with another who specializes in healing can provide a dynamic balance between offense and defense. This strategic pairing ensures that your troops can withstand enemy attacks while relentlessly assaulting your foes. By maximizing the synergy between your generals, you can create a formidable force that can overcome even the most challenging adversaries.

In conclusion, understanding the importance of general combinations in Evony is vital for achieving success on the battlefield. By carefully selecting generals with complementary skills and harnessing synergy, you can maximize their effectiveness and lead your troops to ultimate devastation. Take the time to study your generals’ abilities and experiment with different combinations to unleash their full potential. With the right general combinations, victory will become an achievable and thrilling reality.

Building A Solid Foundation: Selecting The Best Generals

When it comes to conquering cities in Evony, having the right combination of generals can make all the difference. Building a solid foundation is crucial, and selecting the best generals is the first step towards creating an unstoppable siege army. In this guide, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing the most effective generals for your siege operations. Let’s start by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different generals.

Evaluating the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Generals

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different generals is essential in order to assemble a well-rounded siege army. Each general has unique attributes that impact their combat performance. Some may excel in offense, while others may be more defensive-minded. By evaluating their abilities, you can determine which generals will complement each other and create a balanced force.

Considering factors such as attack power, defense capabilities, and troop health will help you identify the generals that suit your playing style and strategy. Some generals may show exceptional prowess in offense, dealing heavy blows to enemy structures, while others may have a solid defense to withstand counterattacks. It’s crucial to assess each general’s abilities and play to their strengths in order to maximize your chances of a successful siege campaign.

Identifying Generals with High Siege-Related Attributes

When selecting generals for your siege operations, it is essential to focus on those with high siege-related attributes. Siege attributes include factors such as siege attack, siege defense, and siege effect. These attributes directly impact the performance of your generals in city sieges, giving them an edge over defenders and increasing their chances of a successful conquest.

Generals with high siege attack will inflict more damage to city defenses, while those with high siege defense attributes will withstand enemy counterattacks and protect your troops. Additionally, generals with siege effect attributes can have unique abilities that further weaken enemy defenses or boost your own troops during sieges. By identifying and prioritizing generals with high siege-related attributes, you can enhance your army’s overall effectiveness in city sieges.

Considering the Importance of Specialty Skills for Specific Roles

In addition to evaluating general attributes, it’s important to consider the specialty skills of generals for specific roles in your siege army. Specialty skills can provide strategic advantages during sieges, such as increased marching speed, additional troop capacity, or improved resource gathering. These skills can complement the overall strategy of your army and give you an edge during siege operations.

For example, a general with the “Ranger” specialty skill can increase marching speed, allowing your forces to quickly reach enemy cities. On the other hand, a general with the “Plunderer” skill can enhance your army’s resource-gathering capabilities by looting enemy cities more efficiently. By considering the specialty skills of your generals, you can assign them roles that align with your strategy and optimize their contribution to your siege army.

In conclusion, building a formidable siege army in Evony begins with careful selection of the best generals. Evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, identifying those with high siege-related attributes, and considering specialty skills for specific roles are crucial steps in building a solid foundation for your conquests. By assembling a well-rounded team of generals with complementary abilities, you’ll increase your chances of success when undertaking siege operations.

Exploring Effective General Combinations

When it comes to besieging enemy cities in the popular strategy game Evony, having the right general combinations can make all the difference. By strategically pairing generals with complementary skills and abilities, you can deal maximum damage to your opponents and ensure a successful siege. In this article, we will explore various effective general combinations that will give you an edge on the battlefield.

Synergistic Combinations for Dealing Maximum Damage

In order to deal maximum damage to your enemies during a siege, it is crucial to pair generals with synergistic skills. Look for generals whose abilities complement each other and work together to amplify the overall effectiveness of your troops. For example:

General Skill
General A Increases infantry attack power
General B Increases cavalry attack power
General C Increases archer attack power

By pairing General A with infantry troops, General B with cavalry troops, and General C with archer troops, you can maximize the damage output of each unit type, leading to a more devastating assault on your enemy’s defenses.

Pairing Generals with Complementary Attack and Defense Skills

To ensure the success of your siege, it is important to balance both attack and defense. Pairing generals with complementary attack and defense skills can provide a well-rounded approach to conquering enemy cities. Consider the following combinations:

  • General X: Increases infantry attack power and provides a buff to infantry defense
  • General Y: Increases cavalry attack power and provides a buff to cavalry defense
  • General Z: Increases archer attack power and provides a buff to archer defense

By strategically pairing these generals with their respective troops, you not only enhance the offense capabilities but also bolster the defense of your army, making it more resilient against enemy attacks.

Utilizing Generals with Area-of-Effect Abilities

When it comes to sieges, having generals with area-of-effect abilities can be a game-changer. These abilities allow your troops to damage multiple enemy units simultaneously, making them particularly effective against tightly packed defenses. Consider the following generals with area-of-effect abilities:

General Ability
General M Inflicts damage to multiple enemy units in a radius
General N Disables enemy troops in an area, rendering them immobile for a short duration

By deploying these generals strategically, you can wreak havoc on your enemy’s defenses, weakening their army and increasing your chances of a successful siege.

Strategic Combinations for Defensive Purposes

Defending your city against enemy sieges requires a different approach than launching an attack. To fortify your defenses, consider the following strategic combinations:

  1. Pairing high-defense General P with infantry troops to create a solid frontline defense
  2. Pairing General Q, who has the ability to create defensive barriers, with archer troops to protect them from melee attacks

By utilizing these defensive combinations, you can effectively repel enemy sieges and safeguard your city.

Pairing High-Defense Generals with Crowd-Control Skills

In addition to strong defenses, crowd-control skills can be invaluable when defending against enemy sieges. Pairing high-defense generals with crowd-control abilities can disrupt enemy formations and buy valuable time for your troops to deal damage. Consider the following combinations:

  • General R: Has the ability to stun multiple enemies, momentarily disabling them
  • General S: Slows down enemy movement speed, making it harder for them to advance

By strategically positioning these generals and utilizing their crowd-control abilities, you can effectively hinder enemy progress and turn the tides in your favor during a siege.

Incorporating Healers for Prolonged Siege Defense

A successful siege defense requires not only strong offense and defense but also the ability to sustain your troops over an extended period. Incorporating healers into your general combinations can significantly increase the longevity of your siege defense. Consider the following:

  1. Pairing General T, who has the ability to heal a large number of troops in an area, with infantry troops
  2. Pairing General U, who has the ability to heal individual troops rapidly, with cavalry troops to ensure their sustained effectiveness

By including healers in your general combinations, you can keep your troops healthy and fighting for longer, ultimately withstanding prolonged enemy sieges.

In conclusion, exploring and utilizing effective general combinations is essential for succeeding in siege battles in Evony. By considering the synergistic combinations, pairing generals with complementary skills, utilizing area-of-effect abilities, formulating strategic defense combinations, incorporating crowd-control skills, and including healers for prolonged defense, you can maximize your chances of victory and conquer enemy cities with ease.

Special Tactics: Unleashing Devastation In Unique Situations

In the world of Evony, mastering siege warfare requires more than just assembling a formidable army. It demands strategic brilliance, adaptability, and the ability to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents. In this guide, we will explore special tactics that can be employed to unleash devastation in unique situations. By understanding how to counter specific general combinations, deal with cavalry-heavy formations, tackle powerful archer combinations, and break through advanced fortifications, you will gain the upper hand in any siege scenario. Let’s dive in!

Counterattacking strategies against specific general combinations

How to counter cavalry-heavy enemy formations

Strategies for dealing with powerful archer combinations

Siege tactics against advanced fortifications

Effective approaches for breaking through multiple walls

Maximizing the use of siege engines and specialized troops


Gaining The Edge: Enhancing General Combinations

When it comes to dominating the battlefield in Evony, having the right general combinations can be the key to victory. But simply pairing generals together is not enough to ensure success. To truly gain the edge over your opponents, it is crucial to enhance these combinations through various strategic means. In this section, we will explore some essential strategies that will optimize your general combinations and help you forge an unstoppable army.

Utilizing equipment to optimize the performance of generals

Equipping your generals with the right gear can significantly augment their combat prowess. By carefully selecting and equipping them with suitable weapons, armor, and accessories, you can unlock their maximum potential. Utilizing equipment to optimize the performance of generals is a crucial aspect of enhancing your general combinations and should not be overlooked.

Importance of high-rarity and enhanced attributes on equipment

High-rarity equipment possesses enhanced attributes that can give your generals a substantial advantage on the battlefield. These rare items are often harder to come by but are well worth the effort. Prioritizing high-rarity and enhanced attribute equipment for your generals can make a significant difference in their overall effectiveness, ensuring they stand out amongst the rest.

Considerations when crafting or acquiring equipment for specific generals

Crafting or acquiring equipment tailored specifically for your generals can greatly contribute to their overall performance. Each general has unique strengths and weaknesses, and understanding their individual playstyle is crucial when selecting gear. Considerations such as weapon type, armor specialization, and accessories that complement their skills and abilities are vital to maximizing their potential on the battlefield.

Strategies for leveling up generals and unlocking new skills

Leveling up your generals goes hand-in-hand with enhancing their combinations. By investing resources and time into leveling your generals, you can unlock powerful new skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Implementing effective strategies such as completing quests, participating in events, and engaging in combat will not only level up your generals but also help them develop into formidable leaders.

Understanding the benefits of leveling generals to increase their potential

Leveling your generals does not only strengthen their combat capabilities but also increases their potential in various other aspects. By leveling up, your generals will gain access to better equipment options, improved attribute bonuses, and enhanced skills. Understanding the benefits of leveling generals is essential to ensure you leverage their full potential and maintain your advantage in battle.

The role of research and resources in further enhancing general capabilities

Researching new technologies and allocating resources effectively are vital in further enhancing your general combinations. By investing in research that directly improves general performance and acquiring resources to upgrade their gear, you can ensure your generals remain at the forefront of power. The role of research and resources in enhancing general capabilities should not be underestimated, as they can provide the necessary edge to dominate your adversaries.

Evony Best Siege General Combinations: Unleash Ultimate Devastation

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Case Studies: Successful General Combinations In Action

One of the key factors in achieving victory in Evony is the strategic use of general combinations. Top players in the game have devised powerful combinations that have proven to be effective in sieges and battles. In this section, we will analyze some of these successful combinations, study the strategies behind their success, highlight their strengths, and draw valuable lessons from their experiences.

Powerful combinations used by top players in Evony

Let’s take a closer look at some of the general combinations that have been used by top players to achieve remarkable success in Evony:

General Combination Strengths
William Wallace + Joan of Arc
  • High attack power
  • Synergistic skills
  • Boost to infantry units
Genghis Khan + El Cid
  • Strong cavalry bonuses
  • Fast march speed
  • Powerful AOE skills
Harald Sigurdsson + Guan Yu
  • Excellent defense capabilities
  • Effective against archer units
  • Ability to reduce enemy’s attack power

Analyzing their strategies and reasons behind their success

These top players have meticulously crafted their strategies by selecting specific combination of generals that complement each other’s skills and attributes. The success of their combinations can be attributed to the following factors:

  1. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each general
  2. Synergy between the skills of the chosen generals
  3. Strategic deployment of troops based on the combination’s strengths
  4. Effective utilization of the combination’s bonuses and buffs

Highlighting the strengths of their chosen general combinations

The general combinations used by these top players possess distinct strengths that contribute to their success in battles and sieges. Here are the notable strengths of the chosen combinations:

  • William Wallace + Joan of Arc:
    • High attack power: This combination excels in dealing significant damage to enemy forces.
    • Synergistic skills: The skills of both generals enhance each other, leading to devastating attacks.
    • Boost to infantry units: Infantry units under the command of this combination become formidable forces on the battlefield.
  • Genghis Khan + El Cid:
    • Strong cavalry bonuses: This combination provides massive bonuses and advantages to cavalry units.
    • Fast march speed: The fast march speed allows for swift maneuvers and quick reinforcement.
    • Powerful AOE skills: The AOE skills of these generals can decimate enemy troops in a wide area.
  • Harald Sigurdsson + Guan Yu:
    • Excellent defense capabilities: This combination is highly effective in withstanding enemy attacks.
    • Effective against archer units: The chosen generals have advantages against archer units, making them formidable opponents in battles involving ranged units.
    • Ability to reduce enemy’s attack power: The combination’s skills can debuff enemy forces, reducing their overall attack power.

Lessons learned from their experiences and how to apply them

Examining the experiences of these top players provides valuable insights that can be applied to our own strategies in Evony. Here are some key lessons learned from their experiences:

  1. Focus on synergy and compatibility between generals.
  2. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen combination.
  3. Utilize the combination’s skills and attributes to their fullest potential.
  4. Adapt your strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.

By studying the strategies of these successful players and implementing the lessons learned from their experiences, we can improve our own general combinations and increase our chances of victory in Evony.

Frequently Asked Questions For Evony Best Siege General Combinations

What Are Siege Machines Good For In Evony?

Siege machines in Evony are useful for attacking enemy cities and breaking through their defenses.

Who Are The Best Generals To Invest In Evony?

The best generals to invest in Evony are Joan of Arc, Boudica, Charles Martel, and Scipio Africanus.

What Is The Best Mounted General Combo In Evony?

The best mounted general combo in Evony is reliant on individual strategies and preferences.

What Are The Best Generals For Subordinate Cities In Evony?

The best generals for subordinate cities in Evony depend on the specific needs and strategies of your gameplay.


To summarize, the right combination of siege generals in Evony can greatly enhance your chances of victory in battles. By strategically pairing generals with complementary skills and abilities, you can optimize your chances of success. Remember to consider the individual strengths and weaknesses of each general, as well as their compatibility with your overall battle strategy.

Experimentation and trial-and-error are key to finding the best combinations that work for your playstyle. Stay updated with the latest game updates and balance changes to ensure that your choices remain effective. Investing time and effort into building the perfect siege general combinations will pay off in terms of your in-game success and your overall enjoyment of the Evony experience.

So gather your generals, plan your tactics, and conquer the world of Evony with your unbeatable siege armies!

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