Evony Best Siege Generals: Masterful Commanders for Unstoppable Conquests

The best siege generals in Evony are Joan of Arc and Sun Tzu, known for their strong leadership and strategic abilities. Welcome to our guide on Evony’s best siege generals!

We will explore two powerful generals who excel in leading sieges – Joan of Arc and Sun Tzu. These legendary figures are renowned for their exceptional leadership and tactical expertise, making them top choices for players aiming to dominate in siege battles.

With their unique abilities and powerful buffs, Joan of Arc and Sun Tzu can turn the tide of any warfare situation. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the incredible strengths and skills of these remarkable siege generals.

The Role Of Siege Generals In Evony Battles

Siege generals play a crucial role in Evony battles, delivering unmatched power and strategy. These best siege generals possess superior skills and abilities, leading armies with precision to conquer enemy territories.

Siege generals play a crucial role in Evony battles, providing strategic advantages and boosting your chances of victory. By understanding the benefits of using siege generals and the importance of a well-equipped siege general, you can optimize your gameplay and achieve impressive results.

Let’s dive deeper into these aspects:

Benefits Of Using Siege Generals:

  • Enhanced Attack Power: Siege generals possess powerful skills and abilities that significantly increase the attack power of your troops. This advantage allows you to inflict more damage on your opponents and overcome their defenses with ease.
  • Siege Expertise: Siege generals are specialized in siege warfare, making them highly effective in destroying enemy fortifications and defending your own. They can dismantle walls, breach gates, and weaken structures, ultimately granting you access to crucial objectives on the battlefield.
  • Strategic Support: Siege generals offer valuable support to your army. Their unique skills can inspire and motivate your troops, boosting their morale during battles. Additionally, they can provide tactical advice and guidance, allowing you to make informed decisions and outmaneuver your adversaries.
  • Versatility: Siege generals are versatile and can be utilized in various combat situations. They can lead assaults on enemy cities, defend your own stronghold, or participate in open-field battles. Their flexibility in different scenarios makes them an invaluable asset to your overall strategy.

Importance Of A Well-Equipped Siege General:

  • Powerful Equipment: Equipping your siege general with the best gears and weapons enhances their capabilities and makes them even more formidable on the battlefield. High-level armor and weapons can greatly improve their attack and defense attributes, giving you a substantial advantage against your opponents.
  • Specialized Sieging Tools: Providing your siege general with specialized sieging tools adds an extra layer of effectiveness to their abilities. These tools can range from battering rams and siege towers to catapults and trebuchets. The availability and usage of these tools can greatly impact the outcome of sieges.
  • Skill Development: Regularly investing in the skill development of your siege general is essential. Upgrading their skills and unlocking new abilities enhances their strategic prowess, allowing them to lead your troops to victory more efficiently. Prioritize skill points in areas such as siege warfare, leadership, and military strategies.
  • Hero Experience: Continuous battles and victories with your siege general provide them with valuable experience points, gradually increasing their level. A higher-level siege general possesses improved attributes and has access to more advanced skills, making them even more worthwhile on the battlefield.

Incorporating siege generals into your Evony battles can offer significant advantages. Utilize their enhanced attack power, siege expertise, strategic support, and versatility to outmaneuver and overpower your opponents. Don’t forget to equip them well, develop their skills, and enhance their experience to unlock their full potential and dominate the battlefield.

Evony Best Siege Generals: Masterful Commanders for Unstoppable Conquests

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Top 5 Evony Best Siege Generals

Evony Best Siege Generals are an essential part of any successful strategy. With their unique abilities and strong leadership, these top 5 generals bring the power and precision needed to conquer enemy cities and fortresses. Master the art of siege warfare with these elite commanders at your command.

Evony, the popular strategy game, offers an array of powerful generals to lead your armies to victory. When it comes to sieges, having the right generals can make all the difference. In this post, we will explore the top 5 Evony Best Siege Generals, each with their own unique skillset and abilities.

Whether you’re looking for an unstoppable force, a master tactician, a siege specialist, a defensive expert, or a versatile all-rounder, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

General A: Unstoppable Force In Sieges

General A possesses an unmatched prowess when it comes to sieges, making them an absolute force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Tremendous attack power and durability, allowing them to break through enemy defenses with ease.
  • A wide range of AoE skills that can decimate multiple targets at once.
  • Excellent crowd control abilities that can stun, silence, or disable enemy troops.
  • High mobility, enabling them to quickly breach enemy lines and reach strategic positions.

Ideal situations to deploy General A include:

  • Engaging heavily fortified enemy cities.
  • Defending against large-scale enemy offensives.
  • Overpowering opponent’s armies during siege warfare.

General B: Master Tactician Of Siege Warfare

Are you in need of a commander who can outsmart and outmaneuver your enemies on the siege battlefield? Look no further than General B. Here’s what makes them the ultimate strategist:

  • Deep knowledge of siege tactics, enabling them to exploit weaknesses in enemy defenses.
  • Expertise in coordinating unit movements and formations for maximum efficiency.
  • Advanced scouting abilities to gather crucial intelligence on the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The ability to inspire their troops, boosting morale and enhancing their combat effectiveness.

Strategies and tactics used by General B include:

  • Setting up ambushes to catch the enemy off guard.
  • Utilizing diversionary tactics to distract the enemy and create openings.
  • Employing siege engines and weapons to breach fortified walls.
  • Coordinating with other generals to execute powerful combined-arms assaults.

General C: Siege Specialist With Unparalleled Strength

When it comes to raw strength and unmatched siege expertise, General C stands out from the crowd. Here’s what makes them a formidable force on the battlefield:

  • Remarkable physical strength, capable of obliterating enemy defenses.
  • Specialized skills that specifically target and weaken defensive structures.
  • High resistance to damage, allowing them to withstand enemy counterattacks.
  • The ability to rally and inspire surrounding allied forces, bolstering their combat effectiveness.

Unique skills and traits of General C include:

  • Siege-specific abilities that deal massive damage to walls and gates.
  • Debuff skills that weaken enemy defenses, rendering them vulnerable.
  • A passive aura that boosts the combat stats of allied troops in the vicinity.

Effective pairing combinations with General C involve:

  • Pairing with generals who excel in ranged attacks to provide additional firepower.
  • Combining with support-oriented generals to enhance survivability and sustainment.
  • Cooperating with crowd control-based generals to disable enemy troops and structures.

General D: Siege Mastermind And Defensive Expert

If you’re looking to fortify your positions and repel enemy sieges, General D is your go-to commander. Here’s what makes them a defensive powerhouse:

  • Expertise in fortification and defensive strategies, ensuring the safety of your strongholds.
  • Specialized defensive abilities that protect your structures and troops from enemy assaults.
  • Skilled in employing defensive formations and countermeasures against various siege tactics.
  • The ability to call upon reinforcements to bolster your defenses during sieges.

Defense-focused abilities and tactics used by General D include:

  • Creating chokepoints and kill zones to trap and annihilate enemy forces.
  • Utilizing defensive structures and traps to inflict heavy casualties on attackers.
  • Estabishing layered defenses with overlapping fields of fire to maximize the effectiveness of your troops.
  • Coordinating with allied generals to execute counterattacks and repel enemy forces.

General E: Versatile All-Rounder In Siege Battles

Sometimes, you need a general who can adapt to any situation on the siege battlefield. General E fits the bill perfectly. Here’s an overview of their abilities:

  • Well-rounded combat abilities, allowing them to excel in various aspects of siege warfare.
  • Proficiency in a range of tactics, making them adaptable to different scenarios.
  • Excellent coordination and leadership skills to unite diverse units and achieve optimal results.
  • The flexibility to switch between offensive and defensive roles as the situation demands.

To maximize General E’s potential in different scenarios, consider the following strategies:

  • Deploying alongside specialized generals to cover specific weaknesses in your forces.
  • Adapting their tactics based on the terrain and unique challenges of each siege scenario.
  • Utilizing their versatility to shift between attack and defense as the circumstances evolve.

With these top 5 Evony Best Siege Generals by your side, victory in sieges is within your grasp. Harness their unique abilities, develop effective strategies, and dominate the battlefield like never before.

Unlocking And Developing Siege Generals In Evony

Unlock and develop the best siege generals in Evony for a strategic advantage in battles. Enhance your gameplay with these powerful characters that bring unique strengths to your army.

Strategies For Unlocking Siege Generals

  • Participate in events and complete quests: Keep an eye out for special events and quests that reward Siege Generals as prizes. Participating in these activities and successfully completing the tasks can unlock powerful Siege Generals.
  • Explore the world and conquer cities: As you explore the vast world of Evony, you will come across various cities that you can conquer. Some of these conquered cities may contain hidden Siege Generals waiting to be discovered. Make sure to strategically plan your conquests.
  • Join alliances and exchange generals: Forge alliances with other players and become a part of a strong community. Collaboration with your alliance members can open up opportunities to exchange or trade Siege Generals, allowing you to unlock new ones.
  • Complete daily and weekly missions: Engaging in daily and weekly missions increases your chances of acquiring Siege Generals. Keep an eye on these missions and fulfill the requirements to unlock these powerful generals.

Leveling Up And Developing Your Siege Generals

  • Gain experience through battles: Engaging in battles is not only important for conquering cities but also for leveling up your Siege Generals. The more battles your generals participate in, the more experience they gain, allowing them to level up and become even more powerful.
  • Assign valuable equipment: Equip your Siege Generals with the best gear you can find. Valuable equipment improves their stats and enhances their performance in battles. Look for gear that enhances their siege capabilities and boosts their overall strength.
  • Train your Siege Generals: Regularly invest resources into training your Siege Generals. Training increases their attributes, making them more formidable in sieges. Focus on areas that improve siege skills, such as leadership, attack, and defense.
  • Utilize talent points: As your Siege Generals level up, they will earn talent points. Allocate these points strategically to enhance their skills and attributes. Optimize their talent tree to increase their effectiveness in sieges.

Investing In Essential Skills And Attributes For Siege Generals

  • Focus on leadership skills: Leadership is crucial for Siege Generals as it determines their army size and their ability to command during sieges. Invest in skills that improve leadership to maximize the number of troops your generals can lead.
  • Prioritize siege-specific attributes: Seek to develop attributes that directly impact siege battles. These may include skills such as siege attack, siege defense, siege health, and siege march speed. Improving these attributes will increase your generals’ effectiveness in attacking and defending cities.
  • Strengthen tactical skills: Enhance your Siege Generals’ tactical abilities by investing in skills that improve battle strategies and decision-making. These skills contribute to the overall effectiveness of your generals during sieges.
  • Enhance support skills: Don’t overlook the importance of support skills for your Siege Generals. Skills that provide buffs to your troops, increase resource gathering efficiency, or boost construction speed can greatly benefit your overall gameplay.

Remember, unlocking and developing Siege Generals in Evony is a gradual process that requires perseverance and strategic planning. By following these strategies and investing in the right skills and attributes, you will unlock powerful generals capable of leading your armies to victory in siege battles.

Best Practices For Using Siege Generals In Conquests

Discover the top Evony siege generals and learn the best practices for utilizing their strengths in conquests. Master the art of strategic placement and maximize your chances of victory with these expert tips.

Formation strategies and positioning tips:

  • Choose a formation that maximizes the effectiveness of your Siege Generals. Consider formations that provide good offense and defense, such as the V-shaped formation or the Defend the Center formation.
  • Position your Siege Generals strategically on the battlefield. Place them in the front line to deal damage and draw enemy attention away from your other troops.
  • Utilize the abilities of your Siege Generals to their fullest potential. Some Siege Generals may have unique skills that can significantly impact battles, so make sure to use them wisely.

Coordinating with other Generals and troop types:

  • Coordinate your Siege Generals with other Generals in your army. Each General has different strengths and weaknesses, so pairing them strategically can be highly effective. For example, pair a Siege General with a General specialized in defense to create a strong frontline.
  • Consider the troop types that work well with your Siege Generals. Infantry troops can protect Siege Generals during the battle, while ranged troops can provide long-range support.

Analyzing enemy defenses and adapting your approach:

  • Before launching a siege, take the time to analyze the enemy’s defensive setup. Look for weaknesses or vulnerabilities that you can exploit.
  • Adapt your approach based on the enemy’s defensive strengths. If the enemy has heavily fortified defenses, consider using Siege Generals with high attack power or abilities that can break through defenses.
  • Be flexible in your strategy. If your initial approach is not working, try different combinations of Siege Generals and troop types. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the most effective strategy.

Remember, mastering the use of Siege Generals is crucial for achieving victory in conquests. By utilizing formation strategies, coordinating with other Generals and troop types, and analyzing and adapting your approach to enemy defenses, you can optimize your chances for success.

Frequently Asked Questions For Evony Best Siege Generals

Who Is The Best Siege Wall General In Evony?

The best siege wall general in Evony is subjective and varies depending on individual playstyles and strategies.

Are Siege Machines Good In Evony?

Siege machines are effective in Evony for breaching enemy defenses and causing significant damage.

What Kills Siege Troops In Evony?

Siege troops in Evony are killed by enemy defenses like archer towers and traps.

Who Is The Best General For Ground In Evony?

The best general for ground in Evony is subjective, as it depends on your strategy and preferences.


Based on the information discussed in this blog post, it is clear that choosing the right siege generals in Evony is crucial for achieving success in battles. The formidable abilities and skills possessed by these generals can greatly impact the outcome of sieges.

From the powerful Lucrezia Borgia with her poison attack to Karl der Gro├če’s tactical brilliance, these generals offer a wide range of strategic advantages. It is important to consider factors such as their base stats, special skills, and equipment when selecting the best generals for your army.

Additionally, the importance of leveling up these generals and keeping them well-equipped should not be overlooked. By following the tips and suggestions provided throughout this blog post, players can optimize their gameplay and become formidable forces on the battlefield. So go ahead and choose your Evony siege generals wisely to dominate your enemies and secure victory in battles.

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