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Are you ready to embark on an epic journey of conquest and diplomacy? Look no further than Evony, a popular online strategy game that challenges players to build their own cities, expand their territories, and wage wars against rival kingdoms. As you navigate the intricate world of Evony, one crucial element stands out: generals. These mighty leaders hold the key to your success, providing strategic guidance, bolstering your armies, and shaping the destiny of your empire. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating realm of Evony generals and uncover the secrets to their effectiveness.


Evony is a captivating multiplayer game that allows you to experience the thrill of ruling a kingdom. Within this vast virtual world, generals play a vital role in your journey towards dominance. They possess unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that can greatly influence your gameplay. By understanding the nuances of Evony generals, you can unleash their full potential and secure victory on the battlefield.

The Role of Generals in Evony

Generals in Evony serve as the backbone of your military forces. They possess valuable leadership skills, command armies, and contribute to various aspects of your empire’s growth. From defending your city against invaders to launching calculated attacks on enemy territories, generals are instrumental in shaping the outcome of battles and expanding your dominion.

Recruiting and Acquiring Generals

In Evony, there are multiple ways to acquire generals. You can recruit them through quests, events, or by purchasing them from the in-game store. Each general comes with a unique set of attributes, skills, and specializations. It’s essential to choose your generals wisely, considering their compatibility with your overall strategy and the needs of your kingdom.

General Attributes and Skills

Understanding the attributes and skills of your generals is crucial for maximizing their potential. Attributes such as leadership, intelligence, politics, and loyalty determine their effectiveness in different areas of gameplay. Skills, on the other hand, grant generals special abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. By carefully assessing these aspects, you can create a well-rounded and formidable general roster.

Leveling Up and Enhancing Generals

To unlock their true potential, generals need to be leveled up and enhanced. By participating in battles, completing quests, and utilizing experience items, you can increase their levels and improve their stats. Enhancements, such as promoting, ascending, and awakening, further enhance their abilities. Investing time and resources in leveling up and enhancing your generals is essential for long-term success.

Formations and Tactics

Evony offers a wide range of formations and tactics that can be employed during battles. These formations determine the arrangement and positioning of your troops, while tactics dictate their behavior and actions on the battlefield. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different formations and tactics is crucial for strategic maneuvering and gaining an advantage over your opponents.

General Specialization and Synergy

Generals in Evony specialize in various combat styles, such as infantry, archery, cavalry, or siege warfare. Building a balanced team of generals with complementary specializations can create powerful synergies and increase your chances of victory. By strategically deploying generals with complementary skills and attributes, you can maximize their effectiveness and overcome even the toughest challenges.

Building an Effective General Roster

Creating a well-balanced general roster is essential for success in Evony. It’s advisable to have generals that excel in different areas, including offense, defense, and support. Additionally, considering the rarity and availability of certain generals is crucial for long-term planning. By carefully selecting and managing your general roster, you can optimize your gameplay and adapt to various scenarios.

General Equipment and Enhancements

Equipping your generals with powerful gear and enhancements can significantly boost their combat capabilities. Weapons, armor, and accessories play a vital role in improving their stats and unlocking additional skills. By acquiring and upgrading high-quality equipment, you can enhance the overall strength of your generals and increase your chances of victory in battles.

PvP and PvE Strategies with Generals

Evony offers both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) gameplay. When engaging in PvP battles, you’ll need to formulate effective strategies that capitalize on your generals’ strengths and exploit your opponents’ weaknesses. In PvE scenarios, generals can help you conquer challenging campaign levels, defeat powerful boss monsters, and secure valuable rewards. Understanding the nuances of PvP and PvE strategies is essential for achieving success in both aspects of the game.

The Importance of Research and Development

In Evony, research and development play a crucial role in unlocking new technologies and advancements. By investing in research projects related to generals, you can unlock powerful upgrades, special abilities, and advanced tactics. Continuously upgrading your research facilities and focusing on strategic developments can provide a significant edge in battles and contribute to your empire’s growth.

Collaboration and Alliance Strategies

Collaborating with other players and forming alliances is a key aspect of Evony’s gameplay. By joining forces with like-minded players, you can pool resources, share knowledge, and launch coordinated attacks on common enemies. Generals can play a pivotal role in alliance strategies, supporting your allies and contributing to joint endeavors. Active participation in alliances can lead to valuable rewards, protection, and a sense of community within the game.

Keeping Up with the Meta

As with any dynamic online game, Evony undergoes regular updates and changes. Staying informed about the latest meta, strategies, and game mechanics is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Joining online forums, reading guides, and engaging with the Evony community can help you stay up-to-date and adapt your gameplay accordingly.

Tips for Success in Evony

  • Regularly check in on your city and manage its resources efficiently.
  • Participate in events, quests, and challenges to earn rewards and valuable items.
  • Maintain a strong defense to protect your city from enemy attacks.
  • Engage in diplomacy and form alliances to strengthen your position.
  • Experiment with different strategies and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Continuously upgrade your buildings, technologies, and generals.
  • Stay active and engage with the Evony community for tips and support.


In the captivating world of Evony, generals are the epitome of strategic leadership. By understanding their roles, acquiring the right generals, and investing in their development, you can unlock their full potential and lead your empire to victory. Embrace the challenges, forge alliances, and master the art of war as you conquer new territories and establish your dominion.


1. Can I acquire generals without spending real money? Yes, you can acquire generals through various in-game activities, events, and quests. While some may require real money purchases, there are plenty of opportunities to obtain generals without spending.

2. How do I know which generals to prioritize for my roster? Consider your overall strategy and the needs of your kingdom. It’s advisable to have a mix of offensive, defensive, and support generals. Researching their attributes, skills, and synergies will help you make informed decisions.

3. Are there any best formations or tactics for battles? The best formation or tactic depends on the specific situation, enemy composition, and your generals’ strengths. Experiment with different formations and tactics to find what works best for you.

4. Can I change a general’s specialization or skills? No, a general’s specialization and skills are fixed. However, you can enhance their abilities through leveling up, promotions, and awakening.

5. Is Evony a pay-to-win game? Evony offers a balanced gameplay experience for both free-to-play and paying players. While spending money can provide certain advantages, skill, strategy, and collaboration are equally important factors for success.

In conclusion, Evony offers an immersive gaming experience where generals hold the key to victory. By leveraging their unique abilities, forming synergistic teams, and adopting effective strategies, you can dominate the battlefield and carve your name in the annals of history. Embark on this strategic adventure today and unleash the power of your generals in the epic world of Evony.