Evony General Ranking: Unleashing the Incomparable Power

Evony General Ranking is a system that ranks players based on their military strength and achievements in the game Evony. In the game Evony, players can strive to improve their military strength and achievements to climb the Evony General Ranking system.

This ranking system evaluates players based on their performance in battles, conquests, and overall power. By attaining higher ranks, players can gain prestige, recognition, and various in-game rewards. It serves as a competitive element within the game, encouraging players to strategize, train their troops, and engage in PvP combat.

Whether players aim to dominate the leaderboard or simply prove their valor, the Evony General Ranking system provides a measure of success and progress in the virtual world.

Understanding The Importance Of General Ranking

Understanding the importance of Evony General Ranking is crucial for success in the game. It provides valuable insights into players’ strategies and allows for better decision-making. Mastering the ranking system is key to dominating the game.

The Role Of General Ranking In Evony

In the world of Evony, general ranking plays a crucial role in determining power and influence. It serves as a measure of a player’s military strength and strategic prowess. Understanding the importance of general ranking is essential for players who aim to dominate the game and thrive in its competitive environment.

Let’s delve into the significance of general ranking and its impact on gameplay strategies.

How General Ranking Determines Power And Influence

  • General ranking reflects a player’s overall military strength and achievements within the game.
  • It considers various factors, such as the number and level of generals, their equipment, army size, and battle performance.
  • A higher general ranking grants players access to better rewards, resources, and exclusive privileges.
  • It distinguishes powerful players from their peers, elevating their status and influence within the Evony community.

The Impact Of General Ranking On Gameplay Strategies

Understanding general ranking is critical for devising effective gameplay strategies. It directly affects a player’s approach to various aspects of the game, shaping their decisions and actions. Here’s how general ranking influences gameplay strategies:

  • Competitive edge: A higher general ranking grants players an advantage over opponents, increasing their chances of victory in battles.
  • Resource management: Players with higher general rankings gain access to more abundant resources, enabling them to build stronger armies and fortifications.
  • Diplomacy: General ranking impacts a player’s reputation in the game, influencing their ability to forge alliances and negotiate beneficial agreements.
  • Expansion and conquest: Players with higher general rankings are better equipped to expand their territories, conquer enemy cities, and establish dominance.
  • Strategic planning: General ranking serves as a benchmark for players to set their goals, develop tactical approaches, and prioritize their actions in the game.

Understanding the significance of general ranking in Evony is crucial for any avid player. It not only determines a player’s power and influence but also shapes their entire gameplay experience. By strategically focusing on improving their general ranking, players can forge their path to greatness in the realms of Evony.

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Evony General Ranking: Unleashing the Incomparable Power

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Factors Affecting General Ranking

Factors affecting general ranking in Evony include a player’s alliance strength, troop count, research level, heroes, and city development. These elements, when optimized, can significantly improve a player’s overall ranking in the game.

Evony General Ranking

In the vast and challenging world of Evony, achieving a high General Ranking is a testament to a player’s strategic prowess and ability to lead. As commanders strive to climb the ranks and dominate their adversaries, several key factors come into play.

Understanding these factors can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Let’s delve into the five crucial elements that greatly influence a player’s General Ranking in Evony.

Military Power And Strength:

  • Unit composition: A well-balanced army comprising various unit types brings versatility and adaptability to the battlefield.
  • Command attributes: Enhancing a General’s skills and unlocking powerful abilities significantly boosts the overall strength of the military.
  • Equipment and upgrades: Equipping troops with the finest gear and consistently upgrading their weaponry ensures a formidable fighting force.
  • Battle tactics: Cleverly executing battle formations and employing effective strategies can turn the tide in one’s favor.
  • Experience and training: Regularly engaging in battles and providing training opportunities to the army sharpens skills and increases combat effectiveness.

Economic Prowess And Resource Management:

  • Resource production: Efficiently managing resource production buildings and upgrades enables a steady supply to support various endeavors.
  • Trade and market: Engaging in trade with other players and making shrewd market transactions can generate additional resources.
  • Construction and expansion: Developing and upgrading various infrastructure buildings boosts resource production and unlocks additional benefits.
  • Technology research: Investing in technology research enhances resource efficiency and unlocks new advancements to strengthen the economy.
  • Resource protection: Safeguarding resources through defensive measures and alliances prevents losses during attacks, ensuring stability and growth.

Technological Advancements And Research:

  • Research priorities: Strategic prioritization of technology research trees helps unlock powerful upgrades and advancements.
  • Research speed: Boosting research speed through technologies, items, and events accelerates progress and keeps players ahead of competitors.
  • Technology level: Constantly upgrading technology structures and investing in research allows access to cutting-edge innovations.
  • Invention specialization: Focusing research efforts on specific technology branches improves the efficiency and effectiveness of certain units and abilities.
  • Knowledge sharing: Joining alliances that prioritize collaborative research efforts can provide access to shared knowledge and faster advancements.

Diplomacy And Alliances:

  • Alliance strength: Being part of a strong and active alliance provides a network of support for various in-game activities.
  • Collaborative warfare: Coordinating attacks and defensive strategies with alliance members amplifies tactical advantages and boosts chances of success.
  • Trade and assistance: Engaging in trade within the alliance and providing timely assistance to fellow members fosters mutual growth and prosperity.
  • Shared knowledge and information: Active alliance communication and information sharing allow for better decision-making and overall strategic superiority.
  • Diplomatic relations: Establishing friendly relations with other alliances and forging alliances can shape the geopolitical landscape and present opportunities for collaboration and protection.

Defensive Capabilities And Fortifications:

  • Wall strength: Strengthening the city walls through upgrades and defensive structures increases resilience against enemy attacks.
  • Garrison troops: Assigning a strong defensive force within the city walls ensures readiness to repel incoming invaders.
  • Trap placement: Strategically setting traps within the city can catch invaders off guard and greatly weaken their attacking forces.
  • Strategy and fortification: Utilizing the right combination of defensive structures and tactics offers a layered defense system against potential threats.
  • Backup plans: Preparing backup cities and relocation strategies provides additional defenses in case of enemy breaches.

In Evony, achieving a high General Ranking is not solely dependent on excelling in one aspect but rather strikes a balance across military might, economic prosperity, technology advancements, diplomatic alliances, and defensive fortifications. By understanding and optimizing each of these factors, players can ascend the ranks and establish their dominance in the world of Evony.

Keep forging ahead and creating your path to glory!

Strategies For Achieving High General Ranking

Strategies for achieving high general ranking in Evony involve optimizing gameplay tactics, focusing on resource management, forming alliances, and engaging in strategic battles to climb the ranks and claim victory. Effective planning and execution are key to reaching the top of the leaderboard.

Building A Formidable Army:

  • A strong and powerful army is the foundation of a high general ranking in Evony. Here are some strategies to help you build an indestructible force:
  • Focus on recruiting diverse types of troops to ensure versatile capabilities on the battlefield.
  • Train your troops regularly to improve their combat skills and increase their effectiveness.
  • Upgrade your barracks and military buildings to unlock and train more advanced units.
  • Research and develop new military technologies to enhance your army’s capabilities.
  • Utilize strategic formations and tactics during battles to maximize your troops’ efficiency.
  • Acquire and equip your generals with powerful gear to boost their stats and provide advantages in battles.

Efficient Resource Gathering And Management:

  • Efficient resource management is crucial for maintaining a strong and growing kingdom. Implement the following strategies to optimize your resource gathering and management:
  • Build and upgrade resource-producing buildings, such as farms, quarries, and mines, to increase your resource production.
  • Utilize production boosts and resource capacity increases to maximize your output.
  • Frequent resource collection is necessary to prevent your storages from overflowing.
  • Use resource items wisely to alleviate any shortages or imbalances.
  • Join resource alliance rallies to benefit from collective efforts and increase your resource gains.
  • Trade excess resources with other players to obtain those you lack.

Upgrading And Unlocking Advanced Technologies:

  • Advancing your technological prowess is pivotal for achieving a high general ranking. Follow these strategies to upgrade and unlock advanced technologies:
  • Invest in a strong research tree, focusing on military, economic, and technological advancements.
  • Prioritize research projects that enhance your troops’ stats, resource production efficiency, and construction speed.
  • Participate in academy technology exchanges to gain access to more advanced research options.
  • Join an alliance with advanced technologies and take advantage of their collaborative research efforts.
  • Utilize speedup items and complete daily quests to expedite your research progress.

Establishing Strong Diplomatic Ties And Alliances:

  • Building and maintaining diplomatic ties and alliances can greatly benefit your general ranking in Evony. Consider the following strategies:
  • Actively communicate and negotiate with other players to establish mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Join an alliance that provides support and protection, as well as opportunities for strategic gameplay.
  • Participate in alliance events and activities to strengthen bonds and reap rewards.
  • Coordinate with your allies during battles and invasions to ensure effective teamwork.
  • Establish trade routes with friendly alliances to boost your resource output.

Protecting And Fortifying Your Kingdom:

  • Safeguarding your kingdom is vital for maintaining a high general ranking in Evony. Employ these strategies to protect your realm:
  • Construct defensive structures, such as walls, towers, and traps, to fortify your kingdom’s defenses.
  • Regularly upgrade your defenses to withstand enemy attacks and deter potential invaders.
  • Train and station troops within your kingdom to act as a first line of defense.
  • Use scout reports and intelligence to identify potential threats and take preventive measures.
  • Monitor your kingdom’s borders and coordinate with allies for additional protection.
  • Utilize shield items strategically to protect your resources and troops during vulnerable periods.

Implementing these strategies will greatly contribute to your success in achieving a high general ranking in Evony. By building a formidable army, efficiently managing your resources, upgrading your technologies, establishing strong alliances, and fortifying your kingdom, you will be well on your way to dominating the game.

So, go forth and conquer!

Improving Military Power And Strength

Evony’s General Ranking system enhances military power, enabling players to strengthen their forces and rise to the top. Gain dominance and conquer the battlefield with strategic planning and skilled generals.

Training And Recruiting Powerful Units:

  • Regular Training: Regularly train your units to increase their stats and overall combat effectiveness. Make sure to upgrade your training facilities to unlock more advanced training options.
  • Recruiting Elite Units: Focus on recruiting elite units with higher attack or defense stats, as they can significantly boost your military power. Research and unlock new units to expand your options.
  • Promoting Units: Promote your units to higher ranks to enhance their abilities and unlock special skills. Keep an eye on their experience levels and promote them accordingly.
  • Specialized Training: Train specific units to specialize in certain tasks, such as cavalry for quick strikes or archers for long-range attacks. This allows you to build a more balanced and versatile army.

Leveling Up Hero Attributes And Skills:

  • Hero Training: Invest resources in training your heroes to improve their attributes and combat skills. Focus on attributes like attack, defense, and intelligence to enhance their overall effectiveness on the battlefield.
  • Unlocking Hero Skills: Level up your heroes to unlock and upgrade powerful skills that can turn the tide of battle. Choose skills that complement your army composition and strategy.
  • Talent Points Allocation: Distribute talent points wisely to further improve your heroes’ abilities. Consider their roles in your army and prioritize skills that enhance their strengths.

Enhancing Equipment And Gear:

  • Equipment Upgrades: Upgrade your units’ equipment to increase their attack, defense, and other combat-related stats. Gather resources and materials to unlock higher-tier equipment options.
  • Crafting and Enchanting: Craft and enchant gear to make it even more powerful. Explore the crafting system to obtain rare and unique equipment.
  • Gem Insertion: Use gems to enhance your equipment further. Match gems with suitable attributes and slot them into gear to boost specific stats.

Strategically Selecting And Deploying Troops:

  • Understanding Unit Types: Take into account the strengths and weaknesses of different unit types. Create a balanced army composition that covers both offense and defense.
  • Matching Units to Enemy Types: Tailor your army composition to counter your opponent’s units. Choose units that have an advantage against the enemy’s weaknesses.
  • Scouting and Reconnaissance: Gather information about your enemy’s troops before engaging in battle. This allows you to plan your strategy more effectively.

Utilizing Battle Tactics And Formations:

  • Flanking Maneuvers: Use flanking tactics to attack the enemy’s vulnerable sides. This grants you a strategic advantage and can disorient their forces.
  • Dividing and Conquering: Splitting your army into smaller groups can provide tactical advantages, allowing you to outmaneuver and overwhelm your opponents.
  • Utilizing Terrain: Make use of the battlefield’s terrain and obstacles to your advantage. Exploit chokepoints, high ground, or other favorable positions that can enhance your troops’ performance.

By focusing on these strategies, you can improve your military power and strength in Evony. Whether it’s through training and recruiting powerful units, leveling up hero attributes and skills, enhancing equipment and gear, strategically selecting and deploying troops, or utilizing battle tactics and formations, each aspect plays a crucial role in dominating the battlefield.

Implement these tactics wisely and watch your empire thrive.

Mastering Economic Prowess And Resource Management

Mastering Economic Prowess and Resource Management is crucial for achieving a high Evony General Ranking. Efficient utilization of resources and strategic decision-making are key factors in attaining success in this game.

In the realm of Evony, mastering economic prowess and resource management is vital for thriving as a ruler. By expanding and upgrading your resource production buildings, utilizing trade and commerce effectively, managing and forecasting resource demands, minimizing waste, and optimizing resource usage, you can ensure a flourishing empire.

Let’s dive deeper into each aspect:

Expanding And Upgrading Resource Production Buildings:

  • Constructing and upgrading resource production buildings significantly enhances your empire’s ability to gather essential resources.
  • Increase the number of farms, sawmills, quarries, and iron mines to maximize resource output.
  • Upgrading these buildings boosts their productivity, enabling faster accumulation of resources.

Utilizing Trade And Commerce Effectively:

  • Establish trade routes with other players or NPCs to strengthen your resource acquisition.
  • Trade surplus resources for those that are scarce in your empire.
  • Leverage the marketplace to buy and sell resources at favorable rates, aiding in a balanced economy.

Managing And Forecasting Resource Demands:

  • Analyze your empire’s current needs and future requirements to maintain a steady flow of resources.
  • Monitor resource consumption during troop training, construction, research, and upgrades.
  • Keep an eye on diplomatic relations, as alliances and wars can impact resource demands.

Minimizing Waste And Optimizing Resource Usage:

  • Implement efficient strategies to minimize resource waste and prevent overstocking.
  • Utilize resource buffs and production boosters wisely to optimize resource collection.
  • Focus on research and technologies that improve resource efficiency, reducing the strain on your economy.

Balancing Income And Expenditure:

  • Monitor your income and expenditure meticulously to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Prioritize essential expenses while trimming unnecessary costs.
  • Invest in resource-generating technologies or items to increase your income potential.

Remember, achieving economic prowess and mastering resource management in Evony requires careful planning, effective trade, and shrewd decision-making. By implementing these strategies, you can nurture a flourishing empire that stands the test of time.

Advancing Technological Research

Advancing technological research is crucial for Evony General Ranking, optimizing strategies and staying ahead in the game. A comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements ensures players can make informed decisions and secure their position at the top.

Prioritizing Research Projects For Maximum Benefit:

  • When it comes to advancing technological research in Evony, prioritizing research projects is crucial for maximizing the benefits. By focusing on the most important technologies first, players can gain an edge over their competitors.
  • To prioritize research projects effectively, consider the following points:
  • Evaluate the impact: Determine the technologies that will provide immediate benefits or significantly enhance your gameplay.
  • Assess resource requirements: Take into account the resources needed for research and ensure that you have adequate supply to support your projects.
  • Consider strategic goals: Align your research projects with long-term objectives and the overall strategy of your gameplay.
  • Stay updated: Continuously monitor new technologies and updates to reassess your priorities and adapt accordingly.

Unlocking And Upgrading Essential Technologies:

  • Unlocking and upgrading essential technologies is key to gaining a competitive edge in Evony. These technologies can greatly enhance your gameplay and provide various advantages.
  • To unlock and upgrade technologies effectively:
  • Research prerequisites: Identify the prerequisite technologies required for unlocking and upgrading specific technologies.
  • Allocate resources: Allocate your resources wisely to ensure a steady progression in unlocking and upgrading technologies.
  • Plan your upgrades: Prioritize the technologies that will have the greatest impact on your gameplay and upgrade them accordingly.
  • Utilize research boost items: Utilize research boost items to accelerate the completion time of your research projects.
  • Take advantage of events: Participate in events that offer bonuses or discounts on technology research to optimize your resource utilization.

Utilizing Research Bonuses And Boosts:

  • Research bonuses and boosts play a crucial role in the efficient advancement of technological research in Evony. By effectively utilizing these boosts, players can expedite their research progress.
  • Here are some strategies to optimize the use of research bonuses and boosts:
  • Time research with boosts: Activate research boost items before initiating research projects to maximize the effects of the bonuses.
  • Coordinate with alliance members: Coordinate with alliance members and share research boost items to benefit the entire alliance’s progress.
  • Utilize event bonuses: Take advantage of in-game events that offer research bonuses, such as increased research speed or resource discounts.
  • Strategically use speed-ups: Use speed-up items strategically to reduce the time required for completing research projects, especially for time-sensitive technologies.

Coordinating Research Efforts Within Alliances:

  • In Evony, coordinating research efforts within alliances can lead to significant advantages for all members. By working together, alliance members can optimize their technological research progress.
  • Consider the following aspects when coordinating research efforts within alliances:
  • Communication and planning: Maintain open communication channels within the alliance to discuss research priorities, resource distribution, and coordinated boost usage.
  • Share expertise: Tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of alliance members to identify optimal research paths and strategies.
  • Resource sharing: Establish resource sharing mechanisms within the alliance to support members with limited resources for their research projects.
  • Support and cooperation: Provide support to alliance members by assisting with resource donations and reinforcing their research progress.
  • Organize joint research projects: Plan and execute joint research projects to leverage collective resources and attain mutual benefits.

Building Diplomatic Ties And Alliances

Building diplomatic ties and alliances is crucial for success in the Evony General Ranking. Strengthening relationships and forming strategic partnerships is key to achieving higher rankings and dominating the game. Build alliances, negotiate treaties, and establish a network of connections for a competitive advantage.

In the world of Evony, establishing diplomatic relations and forming alliances with other players is a crucial aspect of the game. By working together, players can achieve greater power, protection, and access to valuable resources. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to building diplomatic ties and alliances:

  • Establishing diplomatic relations with other players and alliances: Building a strong network of diplomatic relations is essential for survival and growth in Evony. By reaching out to other players and alliances, you can start forming connections and alliances that benefit both parties. This involves initiating conversations, negotiations, and mutual agreements.
  • Forming mutually beneficial alliances: A strong alliance is built on trust, shared goals, and mutually beneficial arrangements. When forming alliances, players should consider each other’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure a complementary partnership. By collaborating with like-minded players, you can pool resources and expertise for greater collective power and security.
  • Supporting allies in times of need: In Evony, allies come to each other’s aid in times of crisis or war. Supporting your allies shows loyalty and strengthens the bond between players. Whether it’s providing military reinforcements, sharing resources, or offering strategic guidance, being there for your allies can make a significant difference in the outcome of battles and campaigns.
  • Collaborating on military campaigns and strategies: Through alliances, players can coordinate their military campaigns and strategies for maximum effectiveness. This involves sharing intelligence, discussing battle tactics, and coordinating troop movements. By pooling your strengths and coordinating your efforts, you can launch successful military campaigns and expand your territories.
  • Exchanging resources and intelligence: One of the main advantages of alliances is the ability to exchange resources and intelligence. Players can share surplus resources, such as food or materials, to support each other’s growth and development. Additionally, sharing strategic intelligence about enemy movements and vulnerabilities can give your alliance an advantage in the game.

Building diplomatic ties and alliances in Evony is a strategic endeavor that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By forming strong alliances, players can gain the support and resources needed to thrive and dominate the game world. So, reach out to other players, negotiate mutually beneficial agreements, and forge strong alliances that will help you rise to the top.

Creating Impregnable Defenses

Achieve an unbeatable defense strategy with Evony General Ranking. Enhance your gameplay and dominate your opponents by creating impregnable defenses. Gain an advantage with strategic placements and optimal troop formations to secure victory.

Constructing And Upgrading Defensive Buildings:

  • Building a strong defense starts with constructing and upgrading defensive buildings in your Evony city. These structures will form the backbone of your defense and protect your resources from enemy attacks. Consider the following when constructing and upgrading your defensive buildings:
  • Wall: The wall is the first line of defense for your city. Upgrade it to increase its durability and reinforce it with defensive structures like towers and traps.
  • Towers: Constructing towers along your city wall will provide additional firepower against enemy troops. Upgrade your towers to increase their attack range and damage potential.
  • Traps: Place traps strategically within your city to surprise and weaken enemy forces. Upgrade your traps to deal more damage and increase their effectiveness.
  • Buildings Placement: Carefully plan the placement of your defensive buildings to maximize their coverage and protect critical areas of your city. Position them strategically to create a layered defense.

Implementing Effective Wall And Tower Placements:

  • Properly placing your walls and towers can significantly enhance your city’s defensive capabilities. Follow these tips to implement effective wall and tower placements:
  • Cover Vulnerable Areas: Identify entrances or areas vulnerable to attacks, such as resource buildings or the main gate, and reinforce them with additional walls and towers.
  • Create Choke Points: Constructing walls in a way that funnels enemy troops into narrow passages can make it easier for your defensive structures to target them effectively.
  • Overlapping Coverage: Ensure that your towers have overlapping attack ranges to prevent any blind spots. This way, enemy units will be constantly under fire, reducing their chances of reaching your inner defenses.

Strategically Positioning Traps And Obstacles:

  • The placement of traps and obstacles within your city can greatly improve its defensive capabilities. Consider these strategies to strategically position traps and obstacles:
  • Ambush Points: Place traps near potential ambush points, such as corners or blind spots, to catch enemy troops off guard and inflict maximum damage.
  • Shield Weak Points: Position obstacles strategically to block access to vulnerable areas and force enemy units to take longer paths, giving your defensive structures more time to rain down attacks.
  • Trap Layers: Create layers of traps to increase the chances of damaging and slowing down enemy forces. Place traps in a way that forces the enemy to trigger them one after another.

Training Defensive Troops And Setting Garrisons:

  • Building a strong defensive force is essential for protecting your city from enemy attacks. Focus on the following strategies when training defensive troops and setting garrisons:
  • Garrisons: Assign troops to your city’s garrison to bolster its defenses. Garrison troops will automatically assist in repelling attacks, providing a powerful line of defense.
  • Diverse Troop Types: Train a mix of defensive troop types to counter different enemy units effectively. This will ensure that you have a versatile defense capable of withstanding various types of attacks.
  • Upgrade Troops: Regularly upgrade your defensive troops to increase their combat effectiveness. Upgraded troops will have higher health and deal more damage, making them tougher adversaries for the enemy.

Utilizing Defensive Heroes And Their Abilities:

  • Defensive heroes can greatly impact the outcome of battles and enhance your city’s defensive capabilities. Consider the following when utilizing defensive heroes and their abilities:
  • Hero Selection: Choose heroes with defensive-oriented skills and abilities to strengthen your city’s defense. Each hero has unique skills that can provide additional bonuses to your defensive structures and troops.
  • Skill Upgrades: Level up your defensive heroes and invest in their skill upgrades. Upgraded skills will provide more significant buffs and bonuses to your city’s defenses.
  • Strategic Deployment: Deploy defensive heroes at strategic points within your city to maximize their impact. Place them near important defensive structures or areas where the enemy is likely to concentrate their attacks.

Remember, a combination of well-constructed defensive buildings, strategically placed walls and towers, clever trap and obstacle positioning, trained defensive troops, and effective utilization of defensive heroes and their abilities will create impregnable defenses for your Evony city.


Frequently Asked Questions Of Evony General Ranking

What Rank Are The Generals In Evony?

Generals in Evony are ranked based on their level and abilities within the game.

Who Are The Best Generals To Invest In Evony?

The best generals to invest in Evony depend on your strategy and gameplay style.

What Is The Highest General Level In Evony?

The highest general level in Evony is currently level 60.

Who Is The Best Stable General In Evony?

The best stable general in Evony is subjective and depends on your strategy and gameplay style.


Evony General Ranking is an essential aspect of the game that can greatly impact your gameplay experience. By understanding the ranking system and using effective strategies, players can rise through the ranks and achieve higher statuses. Building a strong army, utilizing the right equipment, and taking part in various game events are all important factors that contribute to a player’s ranking.

It is crucial to constantly improve and adapt your gameplay to maintain a competitive edge. Evony’s ranking system provides a dynamic and competitive environment that keeps players engaged and striving for greatness. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, paying attention to your General Ranking is key to unlocking new opportunities and conquering the game.

Stay focused, keep learning, and enjoy the journey to become the ultimate ruler in Evony.

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