Evony How Many Troops Should I Have: Mastering Your Ultimate Army

To determine the ideal number of troops in Evony, consider your overall strategy and objectives. Begin by assessing your resources, including gold, food, and other supplies.

Next, evaluate your desired style of play, be it offensive or defensive. Finally, take into account the relative strength of your opponents. By balancing these factors, you can determine the optimal troop count for your specific circumstances.

Key Factors To Consider

When determining the number of troops to have in Evony, it is crucial to consider various factors such as your level, available resources, and strategic goals. Analyzing these aspects will enable you to make an informed decision on the optimal troop count for success in the game.

When it comes to building a successful army in Evony, understanding the key factors is crucial. Here are the key factors you should consider:

Resources And Production Capacity:

  • Gather enough resources, including food, wood, stone, and iron, to sustain your troops.
  • Upgrade resource buildings, such as farms, logging camps, quarries, and iron mines, to increase production.
  • Allocate resources wisely to ensure a continuous supply for training and maintaining troops.
  • Utilize resource boosters and research technologies to maximize production.

Terrain And Defensive Advantages:

  • Choose suitable terrains for battles, as they can provide defensive advantages.
  • Hills and mountains offer elevation advantages, making it harder for the enemy to attack.
  • Rivers and lakes provide natural barriers that can hinder enemy movements.
  • Strategically position your troops to take advantage of the terrain and minimize vulnerabilities.

Enemy Troop Types And Weaknesses:

  • Understand the different types of troops in Evony and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Train a diverse army with a balanced mix of infantry, cavalry, and archers to counter different troop types.
  • Exploit the weaknesses of the enemy troops by using the appropriate counters.
  • Conduct reconnaissance to gather intelligence about the enemy’s troop composition and tailor your strategy accordingly.

Consider these key factors when building and deploying your army in Evony. By carefully managing resources, leveraging terrain advantages, and understanding enemy troop types, you can enhance your chances of victory and domination on the battlefield.

Optimizing Army Size

Optimizing the size of your army in Evony is crucial for success. Knowing how many troops to have can be a game-changer in battles and resource management. Find the right balance for your strategy and dominate the game.

Balancing Offensive And Defensive Capabilities

  • To optimize your army size in Evony, it’s crucial to strike a balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. Finding the right equilibrium will enable you to effectively attack other players’ cities while also defending your own against potential invaders.

Calculating Troop Requirements Based On Objectives

  • One way to determine the ideal number of troops is by considering your objectives in the game. Whether it’s raiding, capturing cities, or defending your own, each goal requires a specific troop composition. Here are some factors to consider when calculating your troop requirements:
  • Target Selection:
  • Take into account the types of targets you want to attack or defend against. Different targets have varying defensive measures, so adjusting your troop numbers accordingly is key.
  • Attack Strategy:
  • Depending on your preferred attack strategy, you’ll need to consider the number of troops required. Whether you focus on brute force or utilize specialized units, strategize accordingly.
  • Defensive Preparedness:
  • When determining your troop requirements, assess the defensive capabilities needed to protect your city effectively. Consider factors such as wall levels, defensive structures, and the potential threats you might face.
  • Resource Management:
  • Efficient resource management is crucial in Evony. Ensure that you allocate the necessary troops to protect your resource-generating structures, preventing potential losses during attacks.
  • Alliance Support:
  • If you are part of an alliance, consider coordinating with your alliance members to reinforce each other’s cities. Pooling resources and troops can create a formidable defense, as well as aid in larger-scale attacks.

Adjusting Troop Numbers For Different Game Stages

  • As you progress through different game stages, it’s crucial to adjust your troop numbers accordingly. Here are some guidelines to help you optimize your army size in each stage:
  • Beginning Stage:
  • In the early stages of the game, focus on building a strong economy to support troop production. This allows you to train more troops without compromising resource sustainability.
  • Mid-Game Stage:
  • As your city expands and your army grows, strike a balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. Consider diversifying your troop composition to counter different types of threats you might encounter.
  • Late-Game Stage:
  • In the late game, where conflicts intensify, it becomes essential to have a formidable army size to defend against stronger opponents. Focus on increasing troop numbers while maintaining a mix of offensive and defensive units.
  • Server Migration and Reset:
  • In situations where server migration or reset occurs, you might need to reevaluate your troop numbers based on the new dynamics and competition on the server.

Remember, optimizing your army size in Evony is an ongoing process. Continuously assess your objectives, adjust troop numbers accordingly, and adapt to the evolving game stages to maximize your chances of success. Happy conquering!

Building A Balanced Army

Building a Balanced Army in Evony requires careful consideration of troop numbers. Optimal troop count depends on factors such as resources, overall strategy, and potential enemy threats. Balancing offense and defense troops ensures a formidable force.


In the world of Evony, having a balanced army is crucial for success on the battlefield. Each troop type serves a specific purpose, and understanding how to build a well-rounded force is key to maximizing your chances of victory. Let’s take a closer look at the different troop types and how to incorporate them into your strategy.

Infantry, Cavalry, And Archer Units:

  • Infantry: These frontline troops provide a solid foundation for your army. They excel in close combat and can withstand heavy damage. Infantry units are perfect for holding defensive positions and protecting your ranged units.
  • Cavalry: Swift and mobile, cavalry units are adept at flanking and hit-and-run tactics. They can quickly exploit gaps in the enemy’s formation and disrupt their defenses. Use cavalry to eliminate high-value targets or to swiftly retreat when faced with overwhelming odds.
  • Archer units: Raining arrows from a distance, archers are formidable ranged units. They can deal significant damage to both infantry and cavalry, making them an essential part of any army. Position your archers behind your infantry to provide cover fire and support. They are particularly effective against slow-moving or heavily armored units.

Specialized Troops For Specific Scenarios:

  • Spearmen: Specialized in dealing with cavalry units, spearmen are highly effective against mounted opponents. Their long spears can pierce through cavalry charges, significantly reducing their impact. Use spearmen as a countermeasure against enemy cavalry or to protect your own ranged units from being overrun.
  • Scouts: These nimble units are perfect for gathering intelligence. Deploy scouts to explore the map, uncover enemy positions, and discover resource-rich areas. Their stealth capabilities and speed make them invaluable assets for reconnaissance purposes.
  • Siege weapons: When conquering enemy cities or strongholds, siege weapons play a vital role. Trebuchets and catapults can breach walls and inflict massive damage to fortifications. Include siege weapons to create a well-rounded army capable of both offense and defense.

Incorporating Siege Weapons And Support Units:

  • Engineers: These units offer support on the battlefield, allowing your army to function more efficiently. Engineers can repair damaged siege weapons, fortify defenses, and construct useful structures. Including engineers in your army ensures that your war machinery remains operational even during prolonged engagements.
  • Medics: To sustain your troops and minimize casualties, medics provide crucial healing abilities. They can tend to wounded soldiers on the battlefield, increasing their chances of survival. Medics are particularly beneficial for extended campaigns and sieges, where injuries are more common.

By building a balanced army consisting of infantry, cavalry, archer units, specialized troops, and incorporating siege weapons and support units, you can adapt to various scenarios and optimize your chances of success in Evony. Remember to strategize and utilize each troop type effectively to dominate the battlefield and achieve victory.

Maintaining A Strong Defense

Maintaining a strong defense in Evony requires careful consideration of troop numbers. It’s important to strike a balance between having enough troops to defend against attacks, but not too many that it hampers your resources. Assess your needs and strategize accordingly to protect your kingdom effectively.

When it comes to building a successful strategy in Evony, having a strong defense is crucial. Protecting your city from enemy attacks and ensuring the safety of your troops should be a top priority. Here are some key tactics and tips for maintaining a robust defense:

Deploying Troops Strategically:

  • Scout before deploying: Before sending out your troops, it’s essential to gather intelligence on your target. Scout their city to assess their defenses and identify any potential weaknesses.
  • Balance offense and defense: While it’s essential to have a formidable offensive force, allocating a significant number of troops for defense is equally important. Find the right balance between offense and defense to ensure your city’s safety.
  • Utilize specialized troops: Different troop types have unique strengths and weaknesses. Consider deploying a mix of infantry, cavalry, and archers to counter a variety of enemy strategies effectively.
  • Reinforce vulnerable areas: Identify weak points in your city’s defenses and reinforce them with additional troops. Pay particular attention to areas that are easily accessible or have been targeted in previous attacks.

Creating Layered Defenses:

  • Build multiple walls: Constructing multiple layers of walls around your city can provide an added layer of protection. Each wall should be fortified with defensive structures, such as traps and towers, to deter enemy forces.
  • Place defensive troops strategically: Position your defensive troops strategically along the walls and within your city. This helps create a layered defense by forcing attackers to face multiple waves of troops, increasing their vulnerability.
  • Use hero skills wisely: Your heroes in Evony possess powerful skills that can turn the tide of battle. Make sure to assign suitable skills to your defensive heroes, enhancing the effectiveness of your city’s defenses.

Utilizing Defensive Structures And Technologies:

  • Construct defensive structures: Building defensive structures, such as traps, towers, and barricades, is vital for fortifying your city. These structures can significantly weaken enemy forces and buy time for your troops to retaliate.
  • Upgrade defensive technologies: Investing in defensive technologies is crucial for staying ahead of your enemies. Upgrade technologies, such as military fortifications and weapon crafting, to enhance your city’s defensive capabilities.

By following these strategies and focusing on maintaining a strong defense, you can fend off enemy attacks and protect your city in Evony. Keep in mind that flexibility and adaptability are key in developing an effective defense, so constantly reassess and adjust your strategies based on the evolving threats you face.

Maximizing Offensive Power

Maximize your offensive power in Evony by strategically determining the number of troops you should have. Achieve dominance on the battlefield by finding the perfect troop balance for your playstyle.

Forming efficient attack formations:

  • Creating attack formations that prioritize damage dealing troops can significantly enhance your offensive power. A strong formation allows for quick strikes and overwhelms your enemies. Consider the following tips:
  • Frontline Defense: Position your strongest troops, such as cavalry or heavy infantry, on the front line to absorb initial enemy attacks. These troops should have high defensive stats to withstand enemy assaults.
  • Ranged Support: Place long-range units, such as archers or artillery, behind your frontline troops to deal massive damage from a safe distance. They can weaken enemy formations before close combat begins.
  • Flanking Maneuvers: Utilize fast-moving units, like cavalry or light infantry, to flank the enemy from the sides or rear. This creates chaos among their ranks and exploits their vulnerabilities.

Utilizing unit synergies and tactics:

  • Combining different unit types and their abilities can greatly increase your offensive potential. Here are some essential tactics to employ:
  • Unit Synergies: Pair units with complementary abilities, such as cavalry and archers. Cavalry can quickly close the gap on enemy formations, allowing archers to focus fire on vulnerable targets. Experimenting with different unit combinations will help you discover potent synergies.
  • Ability Timing: Understanding the timing of unit abilities is crucial for maximizing offensive power. Coordinate attacks with abilities that boost your troops’ damage or mobility. Utilize abilities like charge, volley, or morale boost at the right moment to gain the upper hand in battles.

Identifying enemy weaknesses and exploiting them:

  • Recognizing weak points in your opponent’s defenses can give you a significant advantage in battle. Here’s how to identify and exploit these weaknesses:
  • Scouting: Scout your enemy’s formations to gather crucial information about their troop composition, levels, and defensive stats. This knowledge enables you to tailor your strategy and target their vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Counter Units: Identify the units your enemy relies on the most and use counter units to exploit their weaknesses. Every unit type has its counter; for example, infantry can be countered by cavalry. Deploying the right counter units can decimate your opponent’s forces.
  • Terrain Advantage: Pay attention to the battlefield’s terrain. Exploit natural obstacles like hills or forests, which can give your troops defensive bonuses or hinder your enemy’s movements. Seizing high ground or using chokepoints can help you gain the upper hand.

By forming efficient attack formations, leveraging unit synergies and tactics, and identifying and exploiting enemy weaknesses, you can maximize your offensive power in Evony. Remember to adapt your strategy based on the specific situation and enemy you face, as flexibility is key to achieving victory.

Evony How Many Troops Should I Have: Mastering Your Ultimate Army

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Optimizing Troop Training And Upgrades

Optimize your troop training and upgrades in Evony for maximum efficiency. Learn how to determine the ideal number of troops you should have to dominate the game strategically.

In the game of Evony, it’s crucial to optimize your troop training and upgrades to ensure that you have a strong and capable army. By focusing on three key areas – prioritizing research and development, strategic allocation of resources, and unlocking powerful troop upgrades – you can maximize the effectiveness of your troops and stay ahead of your rivals.

Prioritizing Research And Development:

Research and development form the foundation of a powerful army in Evony. By investing time and resources into various technologies, you can unlock new advancements that enhance your troops’ capabilities. Here are some key points to consider when prioritizing your research and development efforts:

  • Tech tree exploration: Take the time to explore the tech tree and identify the most valuable upgrades for your chosen troop types.
  • Focus on combat-related technologies: Prioritize technologies that directly enhance your troops’ combat abilities, such as attack, defense, and health upgrades.
  • Consider troop synergy: Research technologies that complement your preferred troop types to maximize their effectiveness on the battlefield.
  • Plan ahead: Be strategic in your research choices by considering the long-term benefits and planning your upgrades accordingly.

Strategic Allocation Of Resources:

Efficient resource management is crucial for optimizing troop training and upgrades in Evony. By strategically allocating your resources, you can ensure a steady supply of troops while also investing in their upgrades. Consider the following points when managing your resources:

  • Balancing production: Maintain a balance between resource production buildings such as farms, sawmills, and quarries to ensure a stable supply of food, wood, and stone.
  • Trade and alliance support: Utilize trading with other players or alliances to acquire the resources you need and bolster your production capabilities.
  • Resource protection: Safeguard your resources by building defensive structures such as warehouses and ensuring you have enough troops to defend against potential attacks.
  • Efficient troop training: Optimize your troop training by upgrading training facilities and utilizing boost items to reduce training time and resource costs.

Unlocking Powerful Troop Upgrades:

Upgrading your troops is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in Evony. By unlocking and utilizing powerful troop upgrades, you can enhance their combat prowess and increase their overall effectiveness. Here’s what you should consider when unlocking troop upgrades:

  • Tech research: Invest in technologies that unlock troop upgrades, such as advanced weaponry or specialized training techniques.
  • Utilize workshops: Construct workshops to access advanced troop upgrade blueprints that can significantly enhance your troops’ combat abilities.
  • Upgrade buildings: Invest in upgrading barracks and other troop training facilities to unlock higher-level troop upgrades.
  • Plan your upgrades: Prioritize troop upgrades based on your preferred troop types and playstyle, focusing on the upgrades that align with your long-term goals.

Remember, optimizing your troop training and upgrades in Evony requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and utilization of available resources. By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to building a formidable army capable of conquering your foes.

Specialized Troop Configurations

Evony offers specialized troop configurations that determine how many troops you should have based on your objectives and resources. With careful planning, you can optimize your troops for the best strategic advantage in the game.

In the world of Evony, having the right troop configurations is essential to achieve success in various aspects of the game. Depending on your objectives, you may need to organize specialized troops for different purposes, such as raiding and scouting, siege and siege defense, and spy networks for intelligence gathering.

Let’s delve into each of these specialized troop configurations to understand their importance and how they can benefit you on the battlefield.

Raiding And Scouting Parties

Raiding and scouting parties are crucial for gathering information about your enemies and seizing valuable resources. These configurations enable you to launch quick strikes and reconnaissance missions, obtaining vital intelligence while minimizing casualties. Consider the following troop composition:

  • Light Cavalry: With their high speed and maneuverability, light cavalry units excel at raiding enemy cities, pillaging resources, and disrupting supply lines.
  • Archers: Equipping archers in your raiding and scouting parties provides ranged support, enabling you to attack from a distance and weaken the enemy’s defenses.
  • Scouts: Scouts play a pivotal role in reconnaissance, helping you identify weak points in enemy bases and revealing crucial details about their troop movements.

Siege And Siege Defense Units

When it comes to capturing well-fortified enemy cities or defending your own, specialized siege and siege defense units can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Here’s a recommended troop configuration for sieges:

  • Ballistas: These powerful siege engines are capable of launching large projectiles, destroying enemy defenses and weakening their infrastructure.
  • Warriors: Warriors form the backbone of your siege force, charging into battle and engaging enemy troops head-on to secure strategic locations.
  • Pikemen: Effective against cavalry charges, pikemen can defend your siege units from enemy assaults and prevent them from being overwhelmed.

Spy Networks And Intelligence Gathering

Information is power on the battlefield, and establishing spy networks is crucial in gaining a strategic advantage over your adversaries. By infiltrating enemy cities and gathering intelligence, you can make informed decisions and plan your next moves accordingly. Consider the following troop configuration for your spy networks:

  • Thieves: Thieves are adept at infiltrating enemy cities unnoticed, stealing resources, and gathering valuable intelligence about enemy troop strength and defenses.
  • Spies: By sending spies to enemy camps, you can eavesdrop on conversations, intercept enemy messages, and learn about potential weaknesses or upcoming attacks.
  • Assassins: Skilled in stealth and sabotage, assassins can eliminate enemy officers or disrupt their operations, creating chaos in their ranks and weakening their overall effectiveness.

Understanding the importance of specialized troop configurations in Evony is vital to maximize your chances of success on the battlefield. Whether you’re launching raiding parties, conducting sieges, or establishing spy networks, each troop configuration serves a specific purpose and contributes to your overall military strategy.

By employing these specialized troops effectively, you can dominate the game and conquer your opponents with precision and finesse.

Coordinating With Allies

When coordinating with allies in Evony, it’s important to have the right number of troops. Make sure you strategize and assess your needs to determine the optimal troop count for success.

Forming Alliances And Partnerships

Coordinating with allies is crucial in Evony to strengthen your troops and increase your chances of success. By forming alliances and partnerships, you can create a powerful network of players who can support each other in various ways. Here are some key points to consider when coordinating with allies:

  • Shared objectives: Establish common goals and objectives with your allies to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a collective victory.
  • Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with your allies through in-game messaging systems or external platforms like Discord. Regularly exchange information and updates to stay informed about each other’s strategies and developments.
  • Strategy planning: Collaborate with your allies to create tactical plans for coordinated attacks and defenses. This includes coordinating troop movements, timing, and targeting specific enemies or objectives.
  • Resource sharing: Share resources with your allies to ensure everyone has the necessary materials for troop training, construction, and upgrades. By helping each other, you can minimize resource shortages and maximize efficiency.
  • Intelligence gathering: Work together to gather intelligence on enemy movements, scouting enemy cities, and sharing information about potential threats. This allows you to react quickly and effectively to any hostile actions.
  • Mutual support: Be ready to offer and ask for assistance from your allies when needed. This can include reinforcing each other’s cities, sending troops to aid in battles, or providing guidance and advice to less experienced players.

Forming alliances and partnerships in Evony is a strategic way to increase your overall military and economic power. By working together with others, you can enhance your chances of success and create a formidable force on the battlefield.

Coordinated Attacks And Defenses

Coordinating attacks and defenses with your allies is essential for success in Evony. By synchronizing your actions and pooling your resources, you can achieve greater effectiveness in battles and protect your cities from enemy attacks. Here are some key considerations for coordinated attacks and defenses:

  • Timing and coordination: Coordinate the timing of your attacks and defenses with your allies to optimize the impact and overwhelm your opponents. This involves planning and executing simultaneous assaults or joint defensive measures.
  • Target selection: Discuss and agree on strategic targets with your allies to focus your combined forces on specific objectives. This can include attacking enemy strongholds, capturing resource-rich cities, or defending critical locations.
  • Troop composition: Coordinate with your allies to ensure a balanced troop composition, with different types of units complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This can create a more efficient and versatile fighting force.
  • Reinforcements: Offer and request reinforcements from your allies during battles to reinforce weak points or turn the tide in your favor. This can provide crucial support in intense or prolonged engagements.
  • Siege cooperation: Plan and coordinate siege operations with your allies, sharing siege engines and coordinating attacks on fortified enemy positions. This can help overcome heavily defended cities or strong defensive positions.
  • Fallback and recovery: Establish fallback strategies with your allies in case of setbacks or unsuccessful attacks. Discuss recovery plans, recalibrate your strategies, and offer support to each other during challenging times.

Through coordinated attacks and defenses, you and your allies can achieve better results on the battlefield. By leveraging each other’s strengths, resources, and tactics, you can create a powerful alliance capable of withstanding enemy assaults and emerging victorious in battles.

Sharing Resources And Information

In Evony, sharing resources and information with your allies is vital for collective growth and success. By pooling your resources and knowledge, you can overcome individual limitations and achieve greater efficiency. Here are some key aspects of resource and information sharing:

  • Resource exchanges: Establish a system for sharing resources among your alliance members. This can involve trading surplus resources, providing support during shortages, or organizing resource contributions to specific projects.
  • Specialization and cooperation: Encourage specialization within your alliance, where each member focuses on specific aspects of the game such as resource production, research, or troop training. By cooperating and sharing the fruits of specialization, you can optimize efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Intellectual property: Share your knowledge and expertise with your allies, and encourage them to do the same. Sharing strategies, tips, and tricks can help everyone improve, adapt to new challenges, and discover more effective approaches.
  • Defense coordination: Share information about potential threats or imminent attacks, allowing your allies to prepare their defenses accordingly. Early warning systems and intelligence sharing are crucial in maintaining a strong defensive line and protecting your alliance’s territories.
  • Research cooperation: Coordinate research efforts with your allies to avoid duplicating efforts and achieve technological advancements faster. By sharing research speed-ups or engaging in joint research projects, you can collectively unlock powerful upgrades and benefits.
  • Trading networks: Establish trading networks within your alliance, where members can exchange resources, items, or equipment that they may need. This can facilitate economic growth, improve resource distribution, and ensure everyone has the necessary supplies for their endeavors.

By sharing resources and information, you can create a thriving alliance in Evony. This collaborative approach not only strengthens individual players but also contributes to the collective strength and success of your alliance as a whole.

Responding To Evolving Threats

Discover the best troop count for success in Evony, an ever-evolving strategy game. Stay ahead of evolving threats with the right number of troops in your arsenal.

Adapting To New Troop Types And Introductions:

  • In the ever-changing landscape of Evony, it is crucial to adapt your troop compositions to counter new threats. Here are some essential strategies to keep in mind:
  • Research and understand new troop types: Regularly update yourself on new troop introductions by staying informed through Evony updates, forums, and community discussions. This will help you adapt your strategies for maximum effectiveness.
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses: Understand the attributes and abilities of new troop types. Identify their strengths and weaknesses to utilize them effectively and counter your opponent’s strategies.
  • Adjust your army composition: Modify your troop ratios based on the introduction of new units. Ensure your army composition is balanced and optimized to counter enemy troops effectively.
  • Utilize specialties: Take advantage of the specialties of new troop types. Whether it’s increased defense or superior offensive prowess, utilize these strengths to your advantage during battles.

Countering Advanced Enemy Strategies:

  • As threats evolve, your opponents will employ advanced strategies. It is essential to stay one step ahead and effectively counter their tactics. Consider the following approaches:
  • Gather intelligence: Research and observe enemy tactics employed by experienced players. Analyze their attack patterns, troop compositions, and strategic decisions to anticipate future moves.
  • Establish defensive formations: Develop defensive formations that counter common attack strategies. This may include utilizing a combination of troop types, ensuring strategic placement, and incorporating defensive structures.
  • Implement counter-tactics: Study and implement effective counter-tactics to neutralize advanced enemy strategies. This may involve using specific units to exploit weaknesses in their troop compositions or employing diversionary tactics to disrupt their plans.

Continuous Monitoring And Adjustment Of Troop Compositions:

  • The evolving nature of Evony necessitates continuous monitoring and adjustment of your troop compositions. This enables you to maintain a formidable army. Consider the following practices:
  • Regularly evaluate performance: Monitor the success rate of your troops in various battles and assess their overall effectiveness. Identify trends, areas for improvement, and adjust accordingly.
  • Analyze opponent trends: Keep a close eye on opponent trends, troop compositions, and attack tactics. Use this information to adapt your own strategies, counter prevailing tactics, and stay competitive.
  • Optimize troop ratios: Continuously optimize the ratio of troops in your army to ensure maximum efficiency. Adjust the numbers of each troop type based on their performance, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Experiment with different compositions: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different troop compositions to find the optimal mix for various scenarios. Understand the synergy between different units and employ them strategically.

Remember, staying alert to evolving threats, adapting to new troop types, countering advanced strategies, and continuously monitoring and adjusting your troop compositions will increase your chances of success in Evony. Stay vigilant and keep refining your strategies to reign supreme on the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions On Evony How Many Troops Should I Have

What Is The Best Troop Type In Evony?

The best troop type in Evony depends on your strategy and the specific situation.

What Are The Best Troops For Monsters In Evony?

The best troops for monsters in Evony are determined by various factors such as their strength, speed, and abilities.

How Do You Make Strong Troops In Evony?

To make strong troops in Evony, focus on training troops with high combat stats and upgrading your barracks and military technology.

How Many Generals Should I Have In Evony?

You should have as many generals as needed, depending on your gameplay strategy and resource availability.


Overall, having the right number of troops in Evony is crucial for success. By understanding the different troop types and their strengths, as well as considering the size of your kingdom, your goals, and your available resources, you can determine the optimal troop count for your specific situation.

It’s important to strike a balance between offense and defense, and to constantly reassess and adjust your troop numbers as needed. Remember to focus on building a strong overall strategy rather than solely relying on having a large number of troops.

Additionally, don’t forget to continuously train and upgrade your troops, as this will further enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. Ultimately, mastering the art of troop management in Evony will greatly contribute to your overall gameplay experience and increase your chances of victory.

So, hone your skills, be strategic, and may your troops lead you to triumph in the game!

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