Evony Research Stones: Unleash the Power!

Evony research stones are valuable resources used to enchant and level up commanders quickly. If you’re a player of the popular online strategy game Evony, you’ve probably encountered research stones in your gameplay.

These stones are crucial for enhancing and leveling up your commanders rapidly. With research stones, you can give your commanders new skills and abilities, making them more powerful and effective in battles. Additionally, these stones can be used to level up your commanders’ attributes, such as attack, defense, and health, ensuring they stay competitive and formidable on the battlefield.

We will delve deeper into the significance and usage of Evony research stones, providing useful tips and strategies to maximize their benefits.

Evony Research Stones: Unleash the Power!

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Understanding Evony Research Stones

Unlock the power of Evony Research Stones for strategic advantage in the game. Enhance your gameplay, gather resources, and level up your empire with these valuable resources. Gain an understanding of how to utilize them effectively in your quest for domination.

Evony Research Stones are a valuable resource that plays a crucial role in enhancing gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned Evony player or just starting out, understanding the purpose and benefits of Research Stones is essential. In this section, we will delve into what Evony Research Stones are, how they enhance gameplay, and the key benefits of using them.

What Are Evony Research Stones?

  • Research Stones are special items used in Evony, an online multiplayer strategy game, to unlock and upgrade technologies within the Research Tree.
  • These stones serve as a currency in the game and are obtained through various gameplay activities, such as completing quests, participating in events, or purchasing them with in-game resources.
  • Research Stones can be accumulated and utilized strategically to progress through the Research Tree and unlock powerful technologies that provide significant advantages in battles and resource management.

How Do Research Stones Enhance Gameplay?

  • Research Stones enable players to unlock and upgrade technologies, granting access to a wide range of benefits such as increased resource production, enhanced military capabilities, and improved defensive structures.
  • By investing Research Stones in specific technologies, players can strengthen their armies, increase their resource storage capacity, boost research speed, and unlock new units or buildings.
  • The Research Tree offers a vast array of options, allowing players to customize their strategies and prioritize research paths that align with their gameplay style and objectives.

Key Benefits Of Using Research Stones:

  • Accelerated Progression: Research Stones provide a shortcut to progress through the Research Tree, allowing players to unlock technologies faster and gain an advantage over their opponents.
  • Strategic Advantage: By investing Research Stones wisely, players can tailor their gameplay to maximize efficiency and optimize their resource management, military strength, and overall effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Upgrading technologies with Research Stones often comes with additional bonuses, such as reduced construction or research times, increased output, or improved combat abilities.
  • Competitive Edge: Utilizing Research Stones effectively can give players a significant edge over others, as the technologies unlocked can turn the tide of battles, secure vital resources, and strengthen defenses.

Evony Research Stones are invaluable resources that greatly enhance gameplay. Their ability to unlock and upgrade technologies provides players with strategic advantages, accelerated progression, and a competitive edge. By understanding the power of Research Stones and utilizing them wisely, players can dominate the Evony world and secure victory on the battlefield.

Keep accumulating those stones and unleash your true potential in the game!

Types Of Evony Research Stones

Evony Research Stones come in various types, each offering unique bonuses and benefits to enhance gameplay. These stones play a crucial role in advancing your research and strategic development in the game. Discover and utilize these diverse research stones to strengthen your empire and thrive in the world of Evony.

Offensive Research Stones:

  • Offensive research stones in Evony are valuable for enhancing your military strength and increasing your chances of winning battles.
  • These research stones focus on improving the offensive capabilities of your troops, making them stronger and deadlier on the battlefield.
  • The offensive research stones unlock various upgrades and advancements for your troops, allowing you to inflict more damage on your enemies.
  • Some of the benefits of offensive research stones include increased attack power, improved troop speed and accuracy, and enhanced siege capabilities.
  • By investing in offensive research stones, you can dominate your opponents and expand your empire through conquest.

Defensive Research Stones:

  • Defensive research stones play a crucial role in safeguarding your empire and protecting it from enemy attacks.
  • These research stones focus on fortifying your defenses and strengthening your structures to withstand enemy assaults.
  • Defensive research stones provide upgrades for your walls, towers, and other defensive structures, making them more resilient and harder to breach.
  • By researching defensive technologies, you can increase your empire’s defense statistics, such as hit points, defense power, and resistance to different types of attacks.
  • Investing in defensive research stones ensures that your empire remains secure and reduces the risk of losing valuable resources during battles.

Economic Research Stones:

  • Economic research stones are essential for building a prosperous empire by improving your resource production and management.
  • These research stones concentrate on developing your economy, allowing you to gather resources more efficiently and manage them effectively.
  • Economic research stones provide upgrades for resource buildings, collection rates, and storage capacities, enabling you to amass wealth and sustain your empire’s growth.
  • By investing in economic research stones, you can increase your resource production, reduce construction and research costs, and maximize the efficiency of your empire.
  • Focusing on economic research stones is vital for maintaining a stable and thriving empire, ensuring long-term success in Evony.

Obtaining Evony Research Stones

Discover how to obtain Evony Research Stones and unlock advanced technologies in the game. Enhance your progress and conquer new territories with these valuable resources.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and advance your civilization in Evony, then research stones are a crucial resource you’ll need to acquire. These valuable stones allow you to unlock and upgrade various technologies, giving you the upper hand in battles and ensuring your civilization thrives.

There are several ways to obtain Evony research stones, each offering its own advantages and costs. In this section, we will explore three methods of obtaining these stones: through gameplay, purchasing with in-game currency, and using gems as a valuable resource.

Acquiring Research Stones Through Gameplay:

  • Completing research quests: Evony offers a range of research-related quests that can reward you with research stones upon completion. These quests often require specific actions, such as upgrading certain buildings or training troops, so be sure to check the quest menu regularly for new opportunities.
  • Participating in events: Events are a great way to earn research stones while engaging in exciting gameplay. Participate in events like rallies, trials, or strategic battles to earn event-specific rewards, including research stones.
  • Attacking valleys and cities: Sending out your troops to attack valleys and cities can yield research stones as loot. Keep an eye on the world map for valuable targets and plan your attacks strategically to maximize your chances of obtaining research stones.

Purchasing Research Stones With In-Game Currency:

  • Trading at the market: Within Evony, you can buy research stones from other players using in-game currency through the marketplace. Keep an eye on the market to find favorable deals and ensure you’re getting the best value for your resources.
  • Trading with the alliance: If you’re a part of an alliance, you can often trade resources and items with your fellow alliance members. Consider negotiating trades with your allies to acquire the research stones you need.

Using Gems To Obtain Research Stones:

  • Utilizing the gem store: Evony has a gem store where you can exchange your gems for various resources, including research stones. Keep an eye on the store as it may offer limited-time bundles or discounts that allow you to acquire research stones at a more favorable rate.
  • Completing gem-rewarding activities: Certain quests, events, or achievements within the game can reward you with gems. Accumulate these gems and then exchange them for research stones when necessary.

Acquiring Evony research stones is an essential part of progressing in the game. Whether you prefer to earn them through gameplay, purchase them with in-game currency, or utilize gems, there are multiple avenues to obtain these valuable resources. Choose the method that aligns with your gameplay style and strategy, and soon you’ll have the research stones you need to dominate the world of Evony.

Start your journey today and watch your civilization flourish!

Maximizing The Power Of Research Stones

Discover the true potential of Evony Research Stones and unlock their power. Enhance your strategic gameplay and dominate the battlefield with these invaluable resources.

Research Stones are essential items in the world of Evony that can greatly enhance your strategy and increase your power. By selecting the right Research Stones, upgrading and leveling them up, and combining them strategically, you can maximize their effectiveness and gain a significant advantage on the battlefield.

In this section, we will explore each of these aspects in detail.

Choosing The Right Research Stones For Your Strategy

When it comes to maximizing the power of Research Stones, it is crucial to choose the ones that align with your specific strategy. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Research Stone types: There are various types of Research Stones available, each offering different benefits. From combat-focused stones to resource-boosting stones, carefully evaluate your strategy and identify which type will best support your goals.
  • Research Stone effects: Each Research Stone provides unique effects that can boost different aspects of your gameplay. Whether it’s increasing troop capacity, reducing research time, or enhancing resource production, prioritize the stones that align with your immediate needs.
  • Research Stone rarity: Research Stones come in different rarities, with higher rarity stones providing more powerful effects. While rare stones may be harder to obtain, their impact can be well worth the effort. Consider focusing on acquiring and upgrading rare stones for long-term benefits.
  • Synergy with your playstyle: Take into account your preferred playstyle and the strengths of your civilization. Choose Research Stones that complement your playstyle, whether it’s focusing on offensive capabilities, defense strategies, or resource management.

Upgrading And Leveling Up Research Stones

Once you have chosen the Research Stones that suit your strategy, the next step is to upgrade and level them up to unlock their full potential. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Upgrade materials: To upgrade Research Stones, you’ll need specific materials obtained through various in-game activities such as events, battles, or quests. Keep an eye on opportunities to gather these materials to ensure a steady progression.
  • Leveling up: Research Stones have multiple levels, and each level unlocks additional effects and improvements. Invest your resources in leveling up your key stones, focusing on ones that offer the most beneficial effects for your strategy.
  • Balancing upgrades: While it’s tempting to focus on a single Research Stone, consider spreading your upgrades across multiple stones. This ensures a well-rounded development of your overall strategy and prevents over-reliance on a single stone.
  • Plan your progress: Develop a long-term plan for upgrading your Research Stones. Prioritize stones that offer immediate benefits, while also considering the long-term potential of rare stones that might require more time and effort to level up.

Combining Research Stones For More Powerful Effects

To truly maximize the power of Research Stones, consider combining them strategically to create even more potent effects. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Stone combination effects: Certain combinations of Research Stones can create synergistic effects that amplify their individual benefits. Experiment with different combinations to discover powerful synergies that suit your strategy.
  • Balancing Stone combinations: Some combinations might offer highly specialized effects, while others provide more balanced bonuses. Choose combinations that align with your overall strategy and game objectives.
  • Unlocking combination slots: As you progress in the game, more combination slots will become available, allowing you to utilize a greater number of Research Stones. Unlock these slots to expand your potential for powerful combinations.
  • Continuously evaluate: Regularly assess your Research Stone combinations to ensure they remain effective as your strategy evolves. Experiment with different combinations and adjust accordingly to stay at the forefront of the game.

By choosing the right Research Stones for your strategy, upgrading and leveling them up, and combining them strategically, you can maximize their power and gain a decisive edge in the world of Evony. Constantly assess your strategy, adapt, and experiment with new combinations to stay ahead of your rivals.

Strategies For Effective Use Of Research Stones

Discover effective strategies to maximize the use of Evony Research Stones. Learn how to leverage these valuable resources for optimal results in your gameplay. Unleash the power of research and unlock new possibilities in your Evony journey.

Creating A Well-Rounded Research Plan:

  • Determine your goals: Before starting your research, clearly define your goals and objectives. Identify what areas of your gameplay you want to improve or focus on, such as resource production, combat strength, or construction speed.
  • Analyze available research branches: Familiarize yourself with the different research branches in Evony. Take time to understand the benefits and requirements of each branch to make informed decisions when choosing which ones to invest in.
  • Prioritize core research: Start by investing in research that boosts the core aspects of your gameplay, such as resource production, troop training, and wall defense. These fundamental research branches will provide a solid foundation for your overall progress.
  • Balance offense and defense: Maintain a well-rounded research plan by balancing offensive and defensive capabilities. Focus on improving troop attack and defense, as well as increasing the strength of your walls and fortifications.
  • Consider your playing style: Adapt your research plan to match your preferred playing style. If you enjoy aggressive gameplay, prioritize research that enhances your attacking capabilities. If you prefer a more defensive approach, invest in research that strengthens your fortifications and defensive abilities.
  • Continuously invest in research: Research in Evony is an ongoing process. Allocate resources regularly to research new technologies and unlock advanced benefits. By consistently investing in research, you will continuously improve your gameplay and stay ahead of your competitors.

Prioritizing Research Stones For Maximum Impact:

  • Focus on essential technologies: Identify key technologies that provide significant advantages and prioritize obtaining their corresponding research stones. These may include unlocking higher-level troop units, increasing resource production efficiency, or reducing construction times.
  • Rely on research tree progression: Follow a logical progression through the research tree, focusing on the prerequisites needed to unlock more advanced technologies. Prioritize research stones that unlock new branches and technologies rather than investing in isolated ones.
  • Consider resource availability: Assess the availability of resources required to activate research stones. Prioritize research stones that utilize resources you have in abundance, ensuring efficient use of your limited resources.
  • Seek recommendations from experienced players: Consult with experienced players or join community forums to gather insights on which research stones offer the most significant benefits. Their advice can help you make informed decisions when prioritizing your research investments.
  • Plan for long-term benefits: While some research stones offer immediate advantages, consider investing in those that provide long-term benefits as well. These may include reducing troop training costs, increasing resource production capacity, or enhancing overall combat strength.

Synergizing Research Stones With Other Game Elements:

  • Coordinate with alliance members: Communicate with your alliance members to determine how your research efforts can complement their gameplay. Collaborating as a team can maximize the benefits of research, as multiple players can focus on different aspects and share the advantages gained.
  • Integrate research with city development: Coordinate your research plan with the development of your city. Ensure that the technologies you research align with your city’s needs, such as increasing construction speed when necessary or enhancing resource production to support your city’s growth.
  • Combine research with hero skills: Capitalize on the synergy between research stones and hero skills. Choose research branches that complement the skills of your heroes to amplify their effectiveness. For example, if you have heroes with strong combat skills, invest in research that boosts troop attack and defense.
  • Utilize strategic items: Research stones can be capitalized upon by combining them with strategic items. Certain items in Evony provide bonuses to specific research branches, enhancing their effects. Strategically using these items can significantly boost the impact of your research investments.

Remember, Evony’s research stones are valuable assets that can greatly enhance your gameplay. By creating a well-rounded research plan, prioritizing research stones for maximum impact, and synergizing their use with other game elements, you can optimize your progress and dominate the world of Evony.

Unlocking New Research Stones

Discover the untapped potential of Evony Research Stones, uncovering groundbreaking insights and advancements. Elevate your gameplay with these powerful tools for exploration and growth.

Evony is a popular strategy game that offers players endless possibilities and opportunities for growth. One important aspect of the game is the acquisition and utilization of Research Stones. These valuable resources play a crucial role in unlocking new advancements and expanding your empire.

In this section, we will explore the various methods through which players can unlock new Research Stones and enhance their gameplay experience.

Advancing Through Game Levels To Unlock New Stones:

  • As you progress through the game, you will unlock new levels and gain access to a wider range of Research Stones.
  • Each level offers unique Research Stones that can be utilized to further develop and strengthen your empire.
  • Researching and implementing these advanced stones will give you a competitive edge over your adversaries and enable you to dominate the game world effectively.

Completing Specific Quests And Achievements For Stone Rewards:

  • Engaging in quests and completing specific achievements will not only earn you valuable rewards but also provide the opportunity to receive Research Stones.
  • These quests and achievements are designed to challenge and test your strategic skills, making the acquisition of Research Stones a rewarding experience.
  • By successfully completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with Research Stones that can be utilized to improve your empire’s efficiency and unlock new possibilities.

Participating In Events For Exclusive Research Stones:

  • Evony hosts various events that grant players exclusive access to Research Stones not available through other means.
  • These events often require active participation and offer exciting challenges and rewards.
  • By participating in these events, you can obtain unique Research Stones that give you an edge over other players, allowing for innovative strategies and increased empire growth.

In Evony, unlocking new Research Stones is a continual journey of growth and development. Whether through advancing levels, completing quests and achievements, or participating in special events, players have multiple avenues to acquire these valuable resources. By leveraging the power of Research Stones, players can enhance their strategic capabilities and establish a dominant presence in the game.

Embrace the opportunities that research stones offer and conquer the Evony universe with your newfound knowledge and power.

Trading And Gifting Research Stones

Discover the world of Evony Research Stones and enhance your trading and gifting abilities. Increase your strategic power and unlock new opportunities through the specialized research options available. Embark on an exciting journey and make your mark in the game.

Joining Alliances For Trading Opportunities

In the world of Evony, alliances play a crucial role in your journey towards dominance. Aside from boosting your defense and providing support during combat, alliances also offer the opportunity to trade research stones. By joining alliances, you open up a whole new avenue for acquiring the valuable resources you need to upgrade your technologies and stay competitive in the game.

Here’s what you need to know about trading research stones within alliances:

  • Increased trade options: Being part of an alliance grants you access to a larger pool of players who may have the specific research stones you are looking for. This expands the range of potential trading opportunities, allowing you to quickly obtain the stones you need to level up your technologies.
  • Coordination and communication: Collaborating with alliance members is key to successful trade deals. Take advantage of your alliance’s chat system to express your trade preferences, negotiate deals, and establish fair exchange rates. Maintaining clear communication within your alliance helps ensure smooth trading experiences.
  • Offering favorable trades: To attract potential trade partners, consider offering research stones that are in demand or that can provide substantial benefits. By offering favorable trades, you increase your chances of finding willing partners and forging mutually beneficial relationships within your alliance.
  • Strategic alliances: Forge alliances not only with the goal of immediate trades, but also with long-term strategic planning in mind. Building strong alliances can lead to ongoing stone exchanges and the establishment of reliable trade partnerships. It’s important to foster positive relationships and gain the trust of your alliance mates to facilitate continuous trading and support.

Gifting And Receiving Stones From Alliance Members

Gifting and receiving research stones within your alliance is another way to strengthen your bonds and advance your technological progress in Evony. Here’s what you need to know about gifting and receiving research stones:

  • Generosity and reciprocity: Being generous with your alliance mates by gifting research stones demonstrates your commitment to the alliance’s success. Share any surplus stones you have, especially if they are of value to other members. This act of kindness encourages reciprocity and fosters a supportive alliance environment.
  • Requesting specific stones: Don’t hesitate to request research stones that are critical to your current upgrade priorities. Alliance members often prioritize helping each other, so don’t be shy about asking for the stones you need. By making specific requests, you increase the chances of receiving the stones necessary for advancing your research projects.
  • Expressing appreciation: When you receive research stones from alliance members, it’s important to show your gratitude. Acknowledge their generosity and effort in helping you progress. A simple “thank you” in the alliance chat or a private message goes a long way in strengthening relationships and encouraging further stone gifting within the alliance.
  • Building trust and reliability: Regularly exchanging research stones with alliance members establishes a sense of trust and reliability. When alliance mates witness your dedication to gifting stones and actively participating in trades, they are more likely to reciprocate and prioritize your trade requests in the future. Strive to be a dependable member of your alliance’s stone gifting community.

In Evony, trading and gifting research stones within alliances is both beneficial and essential for your advancement. By joining alliances for trading opportunities and engaging in stone exchanges, you not only acquire the resources needed for technological growth but also build strong alliances that contribute to your overall success in the game.

So dive into the alliance dynamics, forge connections, and unleash the power of research stone trading in Evony!

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Research Stones

Discover advanced tips and tricks to maximize your Evony Research Stones. Unlock the full potential of your gameplay with these expert strategies. Boost your progress and dominate the game like never before.

Utilizing Advanced Stone Combinations For Unique Abilities:

  • Research Stones in Evony are not just limited to individual effects. By combining different stones strategically, players can unlock unique abilities and enhance their gameplay.
  • Here are some tips for utilizing advanced stone combinations to obtain unique abilities:
  • Mix and match: Experiment with different combinations of Research Stones to discover powerful synergies. Combine stones that complement each other’s effects to maximize their impact.
  • Elemental alignment: Certain Research Stones have elemental attributes, such as fire, water, or lightning. Pairing stones with compatible elements can grant additional bonuses or unleash devastating elemental attacks.
  • Unlocking hidden abilities: Some Research Stones have hidden abilities that can be unlocked by specific combinations. Pay attention to stone descriptions and experiment with different combinations to uncover these hidden gems.
  • Specialization: Develop a specific research strategy by focusing on a particular aspect of gameplay, such as resource gathering, combat strength, or technology advancement. Use stone combinations that align with your chosen specialization to gain an edge over opponents.

Evolving And Refining Research Stones For Enhanced Effects:

  • Evony allows players to evolve and refine their Research Stones to enhance their effects and make them even more powerful.
  • Here’s how you can evolve and refine your Research Stones for enhanced effects:
  • Evolving stones: Acquire Evolution Materials by participating in various in-game activities and events. Once you have enough Evolution Materials, you can evolve your Research Stones to higher levels, unlocking enhanced effects and increasing their overall potential.
  • Refining stones: Refining Research Stones allows you to fine-tune their effects and improve their attributes. Use Refinement materials to increase the refinement level of your stones, granting additional bonuses and making them more versatile.
  • Strategic upgrades: Carefully select which stones to evolve and refine based on your playstyle and objectives. Prioritize stones that align with your chosen gameplay style to maximize their impact.
  • Plan for the long term: Evolving and refining Research Stones requires time and resources. Create a long-term plan to gradually upgrade your stones, focusing on those that will have the most significant impact on your overall strategy.

Analyzing Opponent’S Research Stones For Strategic Advantages:

  • In Evony, understanding your opponent’s Research Stones can provide valuable insights and give you a strategic advantage in battles and competitions.
  • Here are some tips for analyzing your opponent’s Research Stones:
  • Research their lineup: Before engaging in battles, take the time to research your opponent’s Research Stones and the combinations they are using. This will help you anticipate their strategies and prepare appropriate countermeasures.
  • Identify weaknesses: Analyze your opponent’s Research Stones to identify any gaps or weaknesses in their lineup. Look for stones that they may have overlooked or combinations that can be exploited.
  • Adjust your strategy: Once you have gathered information on your opponent’s Research Stones, adjust your own strategy accordingly. Adapt your stone combinations or develop tactics that directly counter their strengths or exploit their weaknesses.
  • Stay updated: Keep a close eye on the evolving metagame and the strategies employed by top players. Continuously update your knowledge of Research Stones and adjust your tactics accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

Remember, learning the intricacies of Evony’s Research Stones is an ongoing process. Continuously experiment, refine your strategies, and adapt to new challenges to excel in the game. Good luck on your quest for victory!

Frequently Asked Questions For Evony Research Stones

Where Do You Get Research Stones In Evony?

You can obtain research stones in Evony by completing quests or purchasing them in the in-game store.

What Is The Use Of Runestone In Evony?

The Runestone in Evony is used to activate and upgrade special abilities for your heroes.

What Should I Research In Evony?

Research in Evony should focus on understanding gameplay mechanics, strategies, alliance dynamics, and resource management.

How Do You Research Tactics In Evony?

To research tactics in Evony, you can use various online forums, YouTube tutorials, and in-game guides.


Research Stones are a valuable resource in the game of Evony. They play a crucial role in advancing your empire and equipping your heroes with powerful equipment. By participating in various game activities and events, you can earn these stones and trade them for rare and legendary items.

With their ability to enhance your heroes’ abilities and boost your overall power, Research Stones are a key element in dominating the game. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, investing time and effort into acquiring and utilizing these stones can greatly improve your gameplay experience.

So, don’t overlook the importance of Research Stones in your quest for success in Evony. Keep working on obtaining them, and watch your empire flourish with newfound strength and prosperity. Start your journey today and let the Research Stones be your guide to victory in Evony.

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