Evony Troop Guide: Master the Art of Domination

Evony Troop Guide provides accurate information and strategies to optimize troop usage in the game Evony. Are you looking for effective tactics to maximize your troop’s potential in Evony?

This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in battles, conquer territories, and dominate your opponents. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will help you understand various troop types, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to effectively use and train them.

With this guide, you will be able to build a formidable army and lead your alliance to victory in the world of Evony.

Understanding Troop Types

Different types of troops in Evony

In Evony, there are several different types of troops available for you to train and deploy in battle. Each troop type offers unique abilities and strengths that can be strategically used to gain an advantage over your opponents. Understanding the different troop types is essential to formulating a winning battle strategy.

Roles and strengths of each troop type

Here are the different troop types in Evony and their respective roles and strengths:

Troop Type Role Strengths
Infantry Frontline warriors High defense, suitable for absorbing damage
Archers Ranged units Strong against infantry, can attack from a distance
Cavalry Fast-moving units Effective against archers, can quickly flank enemies
Siege Engines Demolish enemy defenses Can destroy enemy walls and fortifications

Choosing the right troop types for different situations

When it comes to choosing which troop types to deploy in battle, it is important to consider the specific situation at hand. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Identify your enemy’s troop composition and strengths. This will allow you to select troops that have an advantage over their specific weaknesses.
  2. Consider the terrain and obstacles of the battlefield. Certain troops may be more effective in certain environments.
  3. Take into account your own resources and training capabilities. Some troop types may be more costly or time-consuming to train.
  4. Formulate a balanced army composition. Combining different troop types can create a versatile and powerful force.

By carefully considering these factors and selecting the right troop types for each situation, you can ensure that your army is well-equipped to overcome any challenge and emerge victorious in battle.

Building And Training Troops

Building and training troops is a crucial aspect of playing Evony, as a strong and well-trained army can determine the outcome of battles and conquests. To ensure your empire’s success, it is essential to understand how to efficiently build and train your troops, manage resources for troop training, and upgrade your troop buildings for higher-tier units. In this guide, we will explore these key aspects in detail.

How to build troops efficiently

Efficiently building troops is vital for maintaining a powerful army and expanding your empire’s influence. Here are some tips to help you build your troops more effectively:

  • Plan ahead: Before starting the troop-building process, create a strategy that aligns with your goals. Determine the types of troops you need and their quantities to optimize your resources and train a balanced army.
  • Upgrade your training grounds: Upgrading your training grounds will allow you to train multiple units simultaneously, reducing the overall training time. Focus on improving these buildings to increase your troop production capacity.
  • Utilize research: Researching technologies that enhance troop training speed and efficiency should be a priority. By unlocking research advancements, you can significantly cut down on training time and increase the effectiveness of your troops.
  • Join alliances: Collaborating with other players through alliances can provide various benefits. Allies can assist you by sending reinforcements, resources, and even speed up your troop training. Don’t underestimate the power of teamwork!

Managing resources for troop training

Managing your resources effectively is crucial for maintaining a steady flow of troops. Here are some tips to help you optimize your resource management:

  • Farm resources: Build farms, sawmills, quarries, and mines to produce the necessary resources for troop training. Upgrading these resource-generating buildings will increase their production capacity.
  • Research resource efficiency: Invest in technologies that improve resource production and management. These advancements will allow you to gather resources more efficiently, ensuring a stable supply for training troops.
  • Trade with other players: Establish trade routes with other players or use the marketplace to acquire additional resources that you may need for troop training. Be mindful of the exchange rates and negotiate fair deals.
  • Use resource items wisely: Resource items, such as speed-ups or resource boosters, can be valuable assets. Save them for critical moments, such as when you need to quickly train a large number of troops or upgrade important buildings.

Upgrading troop buildings for higher-tier units

To strengthen your army’s capabilities, upgrading troop buildings is essential. Here’s how you can unlock higher-tier units through building upgrades:

  1. Focus on academy upgrades: Upgrading your academy is crucial for unlocking and researching advanced troop units and strategies. Prioritize academy upgrades to gain access to more powerful units.
  2. Upgrade barracks and other unit-specific buildings: Each troop type has its respective building that can be upgraded to unlock higher-tier units within that category. By investing in these buildings, you can strengthen your army with specialized units.
  3. Research advanced unit technologies: In your academy, dedicate time and resources to researching advanced unit technologies. These advancements not only unlock higher-tier units but also improve their combat stats, making them more formidable on the battlefield.
  4. Train and replace lower-tier units: As you unlock higher-tier units, consider phasing out lower-tier troops and replacing them with the new, stronger units. This ensures your army remains versatile and capable of dealing with various types of threats.

By following these strategies for building and training troops, managing resources efficiently, and upgrading troop buildings, you will be well on your way to creating a powerful and unstoppable army in Evony. Remember, a well-trained army is key to conquering territories, defending your empire, and achieving victory!

Troop Deployment Strategies

Deploying your troops effectively is crucial in Evony to achieve victory on the battlefield. In this section, we will explore various strategies for troop deployment, including offensive strategies for attacking enemy cities, defensive strategies for protecting your own city, and utilizing special abilities and formations in battle.

Offensive strategies for attacking enemy cities

When launching an offensive on enemy cities, it is important to plan your troop deployment carefully to maximize your chances of success. Here are some offensive strategies to consider:

  • Scout the target city: Before launching an attack, gather intelligence by scouting the enemy city. This will help you determine the strength of their defenses and plan your troop deployment accordingly.
  • Focus on weaknesses: Identify the weaknesses in the enemy city’s defenses, such as vulnerable walls or low-level troops. Deploy your troops strategically to exploit these weaknesses and break through the enemy’s defenses.
  • Diverse troop composition: Create a diverse troop composition to ensure flexibility in your attacks. Combine different types of troops, such as cavalry, archers, and infantry, to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses effectively.
  • Target resources: If the goal of your attack is to gather resources, focus on deploying troops to seize resource tiles or farms near the target city. This will help you secure valuable resources for your own city.

Defensive strategies for protecting your own city

Defending your own city requires careful planning and strategic troop deployment. Here are some defensive strategies you can employ:

  • Strong city walls: Strengthen your city walls to deter potential attackers. Upgrade your walls and gates to increase their defensive capabilities.
  • Garrison troops: Station troops within your city walls to fortify your defenses. Assign high-level and well-equipped troops to defend critical areas, such as the gate and resource buildings.
  • Strategic placement: Place defensive units strategically around your city, covering vulnerable areas and important buildings. This ensures that any invading force will face resistance at every corner.
  • Alliance support: Seek support from your alliance members to reinforce your city’s defenses. Coordinate with your allies and deploy troops in strategic locations to deter attackers effectively.

Utilizing special abilities and formations in battle

In addition to deploying troops, Evony offers various special abilities and formations that can give you an edge in battle. Here are some tips on utilizing them effectively:

  1. Special abilities: Take advantage of special abilities, such as healing, rallying cries, or flanking maneuvers, to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Use them at key moments to swing the battle in your favor.
  2. Formations: Experiment with different formations to optimize your troop deployment. Formations like the “Turtle” provide enhanced defense, while the “Arrow” formation is ideal for ranged attacks. Choose the right formation based on the situation.
  3. Commander skills: Develop your commanders’ skills to unlock powerful abilities that can bolster your troops in battle. Upgrade their skills regularly and assign suitable commanders for specific tasks.
  4. Timing and coordination: Coordinate the deployment of special abilities and formations with your overall troop deployment strategy. Time them strategically to maximize their impact and surprise your enemies.

By implementing these troop deployment strategies, both offensive and defensive, you can increase your chances of success in Evony battles. Remember to adapt your strategies based on the specific situation and constantly improve your troop composition and tactics to stay one step ahead of your enemies.

Troop Composition And Marching

Creating optimal troop compositions for different missions

In Evony, creating the right troop composition is crucial for achieving success in your missions. Whether you’re attacking enemy cities, defending your own, or gathering resources, the troops you send out can make all the difference. To ensure you’re using the most effective troop composition for each mission, consider the following:

  • 1. Scout your target: Before sending your troops into battle, it’s important to gather intelligence on your enemy. Knowing their troop composition and defenses will help you determine the best troops to send.
  • 2. Balance offense and defense: Each troop type has its own strengths and weaknesses. By combining different troop types, you can create a well-rounded force that can effectively attack and defend.
  • 3. Consider your resources: Different troop types have varying costs and training times. Make sure to consider your available resources and training capacity when creating your composition.
  • 4. Adapt to the situation: The optimal troop composition may vary depending on the specific mission and circumstances. Stay flexible and adjust your composition accordingly.

Understanding limitations and advantages of march sizes

When it comes to marching your troops in Evony, understanding the limitations and advantages of different march sizes is essential. The march size represents the number of troops you can send out in a single march. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 1. Smaller marches: Sending out smaller marches allows for faster deployment and more frequent attacks. This can be advantageous when dealing with weaker opponents or when you need to quickly reinforce your own defenses.
  2. 2. Larger marches: On the other hand, larger marches can be more intimidating to your enemies and can overwhelm their defenses. They are particularly useful when attacking fortified cities or facing strong opponents.
  3. 3. Consider march speed: Remember that your march size also affects the speed at which your troops move. Smaller marches tend to move faster than larger ones, which can be advantageous when timing attacks or evading enemy forces.

Calculating the power and capacity of your troops

Calculating the power and capacity of your troops is vital to ensure you have the necessary strength and resources for your missions. Here’s how you can do it:

Troop Type Power Capacity
Infantry 100 50
Cavalry 150 75
Archer 120 60
Supply Troop N/A 100
  • 1. Power calculation: To calculate the power of your troops, multiply the number of troops in each category by their respective power values. Add up the results to get the total power of your army.
  • 2. Capacity calculation: Each troop type has a specific capacity that indicates the amount of resources they can carry. Depending on your mission, you’ll need to ensure that your troop’s capacity is sufficient to gather or transport the required resources.
  • 3. Balancing power and capacity: When creating your troop compositions, it’s important to strike a balance between power and capacity. A strong but slow-moving army may struggle with resource transportation, while a fast but weak army may be easily defeated in battle.

Troop Upgrades And Research

In the world of Evony, troop upgrades and research are crucial for building a strong army and dominating your opponents. By improving the attributes and capabilities of your troops, as well as unlocking advanced units through research tree progression, you can ensure that your army is formidable and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. In this section, we will explore the importance of research in improving troop effectiveness, upgrading troop attributes and capabilities, and unlocking advanced troop units through research tree progression.

The importance of research in improving troop effectiveness

Research plays a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness of your troops. By investing in various research projects, you can unlock new technologies and strategies that boost your troops’ combat abilities. The research tree in Evony offers a wide range of upgrades, including increased attack power, better defense, improved speed, and enhanced resource gathering. Each research project you undertake will provide incremental improvements to your troops, making them more formidable on the battlefield.

Upgrading troop attributes and capabilities

Upgrading troop attributes and capabilities is another crucial aspect of building a powerful army in Evony. This involves utilizing the resources you gather to improve the strength, speed, and defense of your troops. By upgrading attributes such as attack power, health, and armor, you can ensure that your troops are better equipped to withstand enemy attacks and deal more damage during battles. Additionally, upgrading troop capabilities like speed and mobility allows your army to react swiftly to enemy movements, making strategic maneuvers and surprise attacks more effective.

Unlocking advanced troop units through research tree progression

The research tree progression in Evony is a systematic way to unlock advanced troop units, which can provide a significant advantage on the battlefield. As you invest in research projects and advance through the research tree, you will gain access to new and powerful units that can be trained in your barracks. These advanced troop units often possess unique abilities and superior combat stats compared to their basic counterparts. Investing in research and progressing through the research tree is essential for those seeking to field an army with the most potent and diverse set of troops.

In conclusion, troop upgrades and research are critical for building and maintaining a competitive army in Evony. By investing in research projects, upgrading troop attributes, and progressing through the research tree, you can continually improve your troop effectiveness, capabilities, and access to advanced units. Building a formidable army through research and upgrades will undoubtedly give you a strategic advantage and increase your chances of success in the ever-evolving world of Evony.

Troop Maintenance And Healing

One of the most crucial aspects of playing Evony is understanding troop maintenance and healing. Ensuring that your troops stay healthy and minimizing downtime during recovery are key strategies for success. In this guide, we will explore the best strategies for healing and recovering wounded troops, managing hospitals and resources effectively, and minimizing troop losses and downtime during recovery.

Strategies for Healing and Recovering Wounded Troops

When your troops are wounded in battle, it is essential to have a plan for their healing and recovery. Here are some effective strategies:

  • Utilize Healing Spells: Healing spells can significantly speed up the recovery process for your troops.
  • Upgrade Healing Skills: Invest in upgrading healing skills to improve the effectiveness of your healers.
  • Use Healing Items: Utilize healing items to quickly restore health to your troops.

Managing Hospitals and Resources for Healing

Proper management of hospitals and resources is crucial to ensure efficient healing of your troops. Consider the following tips:

  • Upgrade Hospitals: Investing in hospital upgrades increases the capacity for healing wounded troops.
  • Allocate Resources: Allocate resources specifically for healing purposes to ensure that you always have enough to heal your troops.
  • Manage Healing Queue: Prioritize which troops to heal first by managing the healing queue effectively.

Minimizing Troop Losses and Downtime During Recovery

Reducing troop losses and minimizing downtime during recovery are vital for maintaining a strong army. Consider the following strategies:

  • Plan Defensive Strategies: Building strong defensive structures can help reduce the number of wounded troops after an attack.
  • Use Reinforcements: Reinforce your troops with additional units to mitigate losses during battles.
  • Strategize Attacks: Plan your attacks carefully to maximize the efficiency of your troops and reduce the risk of casualties.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage troop maintenance and healing, ensuring that your army remains strong and ready for battle.

Strategies For Troop Training Efficiency

When it comes to building a formidable army in Evony, troop training efficiency is crucial. Maximizing troop training speed and efficiency, utilizing speedup items and boosts, and prioritizing troop training based on immediate needs are key strategies that can help you dominate the game. In this article, we will delve into these strategies and provide you with valuable insights to optimize your troop training process.

Maximizing troop training speed and efficiency

To ensure that your troop training process is as fast and efficient as possible, there are a few key tactics you can employ:

  1. Prioritize research: Upgrading your Military technology tree will unlock various researches that enhance troop training speed. Focus on these upgrades to significantly reduce the time it takes to train your troops.
  2. Enhance training infrastructure: Improve your barracks, stables, and range buildings to increase their training capacity. Upgrading these buildings will allow you to train more troops simultaneously, accelerating the overall training process.
  3. Recruit heroes: Certain heroes possess skills that boost troop training speed. Ensure you recruit and assign these heroes to your military facilities to gain their benefits.

Utilizing speedup items and boosts

Speedup items and boosts can be a game-changer when it comes to training troops quickly. Here are some effective ways to make the most of them:

  • Speedup items: Items such as Speed Up Training or Speed Up Construction can be used to reduce the training time for your troops. Use them strategically during crucial moments to quickly build up your army.
  • Research boosts: Research technologies that offer boosts to troop training speed. Prioritize these upgrades to further enhance the efficiency of your training process.
  • Event rewards: Participate in events and complete special tasks to earn valuable rewards, including speedup items, boosts, and even temporary bonuses to troop training speed.

Prioritizing troop training based on immediate needs

One of the most important aspects of troop training efficiency is prioritization. By focusing on immediate needs, you can ensure that your army remains well-balanced and ready for any battle. Consider the following strategies:

  1. Identify weak spots: Assess your current army composition and identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Prioritize training troops that fill these gaps, ensuring a well-rounded force.
  2. Adapt to the situation: Analyze the current game situation and adjust your troop training accordingly. If you anticipate an upcoming battle or an attack on your stronghold, prioritize training defensive troops to bolster your defenses.
  3. Collaborate with allies: Communicate with your alliance members to coordinate troop training efforts. By specializing in different troop types, you can collectively maximize efficiency while covering a wide range of combat scenarios.

By implementing these strategies, you will significantly improve your troop training efficiency in Evony. Remember, a strong and well-trained army is the backbone of your success in the game. So, start implementing these tactics today and dominate the battlefield!

Advanced Troop Tactics And Techniques

In the world of Evony, mastering advanced troop tactics and techniques can make the difference between victory and defeat. In this guide, we will explore two key aspects of advanced troop strategies that every player should master: utilizing scouting and reconnaissance for strategic advantage, and coordinating troop movements and attacks with alliance members. Additionally, we will discuss countering opponent troop strategies and formations to ensure that you always stay one step ahead on the battlefield.

Utilizing scouting and reconnaissance for strategic advantage

In the game of Evony, proper scouting and reconnaissance are essential for gaining a strategic advantage. By obtaining valuable information about your opponents, you can plan your troop movements with precision and exploit their weaknesses.

Here are some key tactics to employ when it comes to scouting and reconnaissance:

  1. Sending out scouts: Use your scouts to gather information about your opponents’ troop compositions, resources, and defense formations. This will help you identify potential targets and weak points that you can exploit.
  2. Scouting enemy alliances: Keep a watchful eye on the activities of enemy alliances. By monitoring their movements and deployments, you can anticipate attacks, plan your defenses, and even launch preemptive strikes.
  3. Reconnaissance of resource tiles: Regularly scout resource tiles to locate abandoned or poorly defended ones. This will allow you to gather valuable resources without much resistance, giving you an economic advantage.

Coordinating troop movements and attacks with alliance members

Coordinated attacks and troop movements are the hallmark of successful alliances in Evony. By working together with your alliance members, you can increase your chances of victory and establish dominance over your enemies. Here are some key techniques to master:

  1. Communication: Establish clear and constant communication channels with your alliance members. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and can effectively coordinate their troop movements and attacks.
  2. Planning: Work together to create a strategic plan that outlines the objectives, targets, and timelines for your coordinated attacks. This will help you maximize the effectiveness of your combined forces.
  3. Divide and conquer: Coordinate simultaneous attacks on different targets to divide your opponent’s defenses and overwhelm them. This tactic is particularly effective when facing larger opponents or fortified cities.
  4. Supportive troop composition: Coordinate your troop compositions with your alliance members to ensure a balanced and complementary deployment. Whether it’s a mix of infantry, cavalry, or ranged units, finding the right combination will increase your chances of success.

Countering opponent troop strategies and formations

Understanding and countering your opponent’s troop strategies and formations is vital for gaining the upper hand in battles. By exploiting their weaknesses and adapting your tactics accordingly, you can turn the tide of the battle in your favor:

  1. Analyzing formations: Study your opponents’ troop formations to identify any vulnerabilities or imbalances. Look for weaknesses in their defense, gaps you can exploit, or specific units that are highly susceptible to certain types of attacks.
  2. Developing counter strategies: Once you have analyzed your opponent’s formations, devise counter strategies that capitalize on their weaknesses. Whether it’s using specific units to target their vulnerable troops or employing special tactics to disrupt their formations, adapt your approach accordingly.
  3. Observer deployments: If possible, deploy some of your troops as observers to closely monitor your opponents’ movements and formations during battles. This will give you crucial insights and allow you to adjust your strategy in real-time.

By mastering these advanced troop tactics and techniques, you will become a formidable force on the battlefield of Evony. So, start incorporating these strategies into your gameplay and watch as your dominance in the game grows.

Evony Troop Guide: Master the Art of Domination

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Evony Troop Guide

How Many Troops Should You Have In Evony?

The number of troops you should have in Evony depends on your strategy and goals.

What Are The Best Troops To Use In Evony?

The best troops to use in Evony are usually cavalry, archers, and warriors.

How Do I Make My Evony Troops Stronger?

To make your Evony troops stronger, focus on upgrading your military research, training higher-level troops, equipping them with better gear, and utilizing buffs and boosts wisely.

What Troops Beat Ground In Evony?

Cavalry troops beat ground troops in Evony.


To wrap up this Evony Troop Guide, we have discovered a wealth of valuable information regarding troop selection, training, and strategies. By understanding the characteristics of each type of troop and pairing them strategically, players can optimize their performance on the battlefield.

To be successful in Evony, it is crucial to plan and adapt your army composition according to your goals and opponents. Setting targets like leveling up your barracks, researching technologies, and keeping your troops well-equipped with items should be prioritized.

Additionally, participating in alliance activities and events can provide significant advantages in terms of resources and support. By implementing the tips and tricks shared in this guide, players can enhance their military prowess and conquer the world of Evony. So, get ready to formulate your battle plans, gather your troops, and dominate the game like never before!

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